HD short at $185.71

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    Check out HD chart and its recent run up. I believe it is a wise short if you are patient. My target is $170. Please do your own research before any trade. adjust your position wisely and do not jump into the trade at one phase. Scale in.
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    Should work if the market weakens. It's in no-man's land right now. It's broken out and through all technical supports. Could keep going though, almost 2% dividend and reasonable P/E. There's other things I'd short before HD such as ADBE, CRM, or other tech companies.
  3. I liked his cost short at 162 better.
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    I thought I was in your ignore list LOL
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    Update: HD is still a big short. Very overvalued. Good stock but way overvalued. $170 is short term target. Buy at $135 that seems not reachable in short term and we are not in a rush.
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    Can anybody see the logic behind this? Hmph.

    XPO Logistics Surges on Report of Possible Home Depot Bid

    Rick Clough
    December 22, 2017, 2:47 PM EST December 22, 2017, 4:22 PM EST
    • Retailer looks to forestall move by Amazon, Recode reports
    • Trucking company has been on the hunt for its own acquisitions
    Freight hauler XPO Logistics Inc. jumped the most two years after Recode reported that Home Depot Inc. is weighing a possible acquisition as part of a push to compete with Amazon.com Inc.
    The home-improvement retail giant has held internal discussions in recent months about making a bid, according to the report, which cited an unnamed person familiar with Home Depot’s thinking. The company would like to keep XPO out of the hands of Amazon, the online retailer that is reshaping the warehouse and logistics market, Recode said.
    A representative of Home Depot declined to comment, while XPO didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
    XPO surged 14 percent to close at $90.01 in New York, logging the biggest gain since April 2015. That gave the Greenwich, Connecticut-based company a market value of $10.8 billion. Home Depot was little changed.
    A deal could turn the tables on XPO, which has said it’s hunting for acquisitions. Chief Executive Officer Bradley Jacobs told Bloomberg in July that he was reaching out to potential targets and could forge a deal for as much as $8 billion. XPO had paused its deal-making after purchasing two trucking companies, Con-way Inc. and Norbert Dentressangle, for almost $5 billion combined in 2015.
    XPO’s so-called last-mile business, which provides delivery of large goods to consumers, is the most likely source of interest for Home Depot, according to analysts at Oppenheimer.
    “We are hard-pressed to see HD purchasing a transportation and logistics firm the size and scope of XPO,” the firm wrote in a note to investors. “Buying the entirety of XPO would propel HD into entirely different lines of business.”
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    Cramers charitable trust owns XPO.
    The stock (after the initial halt) backed off of $89 quite a bit, but it closed at $90.
    The temptation would be to short it, especially in light of the (several) false alarms regarding takeovers of various companies on the part of CNBC recently; and HD buying XPO makes about as much sense as Merck buying Vulcan Materials....
    That being said... don't short it. I think it pulls back and then goes higher Tuesday. We'll see.
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