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  1. Anybody watch it? Reading the reviews it's no surprise that conservatives hate it and liberals love it. I watched it last night and while it was painfully predictable, it had an entertaining moment or two. Might give it another chance or two, but I rather see them bring back Deadwood.
  2. HBO and news, are you kidding? I have too many issues with the local tv news and paper, let alone HBO. News is not news and hasn't been for a very long time. I have talked to the editor of our local newspaper and asked what happened to the idea of the 5 w's and how. He got upset and told me I was ridiculous in my interpertation of what news should be, and the idea was to report what brought subscribers. Not news, but subscribers, and when I asked why the paper was failing and laying off people for the last 5 years, he got real upset. I told him maybe there was a reason based on total bias and lack of real reporting, and he then hung up. I called back, and got the same result.
    I have no issue with journalism, and especially when it responsibly and accurately refutes my opinion, but that is far from where "journalism" has gone. Bias and opinion are not journalism, they are editorials. I geuss I a too stupid to figure why most don't get that concept.
  3. Perhaps I should have clarified, it's not real news. It's a series. But I do agree with your post.