"Hazardous" Greek jobs gives right to retire at age 50(women) and 55(men)...

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  1. ATHENS — Vasia Veremi may be only 28, but as a hairdresser in Athens, she is keenly aware that, under a current law that treats her job as hazardous to her health, she has the right to retire with a full pension at age 50.

    “I use a hundred different chemicals every day — dyes, ammonia, you name it,” she said. “You think there’s no risk in that?”

    “People should be able to retire at a decent age,” Ms. Veremi added. “We are not made to live 150 years.”

    Perhaps not, but it is still difficult to explain to outsiders why the Greek government has identified at least 580 job categories deemed to be hazardous enough to merit retiring early — at age 50 for women and 55 for men.


    There is an Asian way, an European way, an US way and a Greek way to retire...

  2. Retire with a full pension at 50?....lol, not gonna happen with the bcuz of the ways Greece is going to have to tighten its wallet.

    What will Greek ppl like her say next?..... ask for disability pay bcuz she buys and uses chemical based cleaning products to clean her own house? Greek people are poster children for the phrase.. "Gimme, gimme, I'm lazy"