Hazard to copyright. All news stories free (even behind paywall) on this website.

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  1. Lee-


    Go to wsj.com and find a news article that is blocked. Then search it's title in news.google.com and click the link. You'll end up on the WSJ site and can view the article. I just tested this to make sure it still works. I used the article titled "Corporate Giant Lurking Behind the Winter Olympics."
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  2. zdreg


    I've had a workaround for years. that is why these sites are of no use to me. if they should be simpler to use then my current method I will consider them.

    the real question is can they be used in Iran or China?
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  3. It didn't work for me, with the story you mentioned. It just went to the same WSJ page where only the first 3 sentences can be seen.

    I've tried other WSJ stories and they also don't work in Google. Which makes sense, that Google can't just show stories behind other organizations' paywalls.

    Are you sure you don't have a WSJ subscription, and are you sure the WSJ story is unavailable in the first place from the WSJ?

    Somebody else want to try the Google method with a story behind a paywall to see if it works? I doubt it.
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  4. elt894


    I was able to see the full article as well, although most of the time that doesn't for me. A lot of paywall news sites allow a limited number of free views if the referring page is a search engine, but the WSJ severely curtailed that a year or two ago. I've never been able to read a Financial Times article this way.
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  5. Lee-


    I'm the only person who uses my computer. I have never had a subscription to WSJ or any other online or physical news paper, nor has my wife (even though she doesn't use my computer anyway). I've recorded a video showing it working for me. I first go to wsj.com on a firefox browser, I highlight and control+c the title of the article, click the article (although I could have copied the title after I was on the article of course). I then open a chrome incognito and go to news.google.com, paste the title, search it, click the result and I can view the full article. Had I taken the URL and gone straight to it, it would not have worked. It has to have a referrer of news.google.com. It seems that wsj.com has some basic protection against this -- if you've viewed the article already, then the news.google.com method doesn't work.

    The .zip file I've attached simply contains a .mov file inside (I wasn't allowed to upload .mov as it wasn't an allowed extension, but .zip was). Enjoy your free news via news.google.com.
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  6. Cool! We all gotta share stuff like this that works.
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  7. coplii


    The above method didn't work when I tried it.
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  8. Lee-


    I kept messing up the video recording settings and I did that about 10x in a row and it worked every single time. Notice in the video I'm using chrome incognito (so no cookies are set prior to doing this, I'm not logged in to google, and haven't visited wsj.com during that browsing session before I go to news.google.com -- I visit wsj.com in a DIFFERENT browser than chrome incognito).

    I don't know why it works exactly, but in the (rare) case I want to read something on wsj, this is how I do it.
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    Why though? You can just right click open in incognito and bypass paywall already.
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