Hazard to copyright. All news stories free (even behind paywall) on this website.

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  1. Another "disruptor" is just starting on the internet. People will be talking about this change in the years to come.

    What are they doing on this website that can't be stopped? Some type of encryption?

    It's already been up for a year with no interruption in service.

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    interesting but what else do they offer that might be of interest to news readers?

  3. besides breaking most stories out from behind a paywall?
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  5. it's a central hub of news stories, from many sources, that were previously locked behind a paywall. does any other website do *this much*?

    what else do you want it to do? make coffee?
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    You mean, like 'Google News'??
  7. Google News lets you view stories that are locked behind a paywall?
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    I prefer to make my own coffee:) but will give your questions some thought.
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    Who pays for news on the Net these days?
    Are there news so secret that if you don't pay you'll not be getting them?
    I might be missing something here...
  10. The website i posted lets you read news articles that are behind a paywall. For free.

    The Wall Street Journal has stories behind a paywall. But you can't see them if you don't pay. This website i posted let's you see these stories without paying anything.

    Google News doesn't do that.
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