Hawking: God did not create Universe

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    I see nothing in his writings that claims a god or gods did not create the universe.

    Media context manipulation as usual. Sensationalism once again to sell books.
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    None of those infinate universes exist, including this one. Logically, a universe cannot be created out of nothing. The laws of physics says you cannot have it both ways. Either there is nothing, or there has always been everything. The "nothing" before the big bang is merely the whole of the universe concentrated into a single point in space.

    Yes, there were multiple big bangs, but not from multiple universes, just one. This one universe that never existed experienced an infinate amount of big bangs.
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    Nonsense. All the matter around us is just a condensate of energy. Membranes bump into each other with such unimaginable force that all the energy is converted to matter and badabing you have a point in "space" blasting out a bunch of quasi-matter that condenses into galaxies.

    The non-uniformity of the distribution of matter in the universe is due simply to the ripples on the surface of the membranes that collide, its not a perfect impact. Its not all or nothing.

    Hawking is just pointing out that the mechanism is pretty simple and doesn't require divine intervention.
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    Hawking needs some money, be sure and buy a copy of his new book.

    Obviously, if my whole basis is anti-god, then everything must have created itself.

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  5. I think Hawking's losing it.
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  6. This makes sense. The fact that this universe does not physically exist. Sure it seems like it does, but where is the proof that it exists?

    Its like when you are dreaming and you realize you are in a dream. You can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. But even though you can touch things in your dream, you are not really touching them are you? Its just your mind telling you you are touching it, or tasting or smelling or whatever, although in the dream, it feels real.

    Its quite possible that this is all a kind of more substantial dream, so if thats true, then who is the dreammaker and puts all the rules together? The answer can be only one. God.
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    Its funny because my beliefs do not agree with any organised religion, mostly because i grew up in multicultural areas, and in order to believe one religion is right i would have to believe someone else's religion was wrong. The more i read Stephen Hwkings books, and get a true feeling for the overall size/scope of the universe the more i feel like the guys who believe in the big bang are wrong.

    I believe more adamantly then ever, after reading most of Stephen Hawkings works, that something bigger is at play then what most "scientists" choose to accept/believe.

    What this is, i dont know, but there is obviously something bigger at play, and until i hear a rational explanation i will hold on to my belief.

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    The laws of physics allow a universe to come from nothing.
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    The laws of "REALITY" dont allow anything to come from nothing.... Unless your criss angel.
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    Interesting...hmmmm...maybe my future son-in-law apparent will suddenly experience a "big bang" in his empty head and go from stupid to genius.
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