Hawking: God did not create Universe

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  1. The important thing to note is that he's smarter than you are and his conclusion is different than yours. I wonder how the smart money would trade that one.
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  2. Ricter


    Smart money would not play, there will be no final result to evaluate.
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  3. jem


    hawkings has already written on the subject.

    he will probably says the laws are in place - therefore there is no need for God.

    It will be interesting if he argues the universe does not have a beginning or if he claims we now can trace the laws of physics to the instant of the big bang or even before.

    I do not expect that. Because I think we would have heard about it already.
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  4. cstfx


    God is an abstract. *

    Marx got it right more than a century ago.

    *remarks of someone who was raised CATHOLIC and spent 12 yrs in their educational system

    Also, if they can make a voice synthesizer for Roger Ebert that sounds like his old voice, why can't they get a voice box with a British accent for Hawking?

    I'm just saying.
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  5. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE49U6E220081031?feedType=RSS&feedName=scienceNews

    Less than 2 years ago hawking said this....

    "I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science," he said. "The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws."

    Hawking is getting old and his mind is probably not what it used to be. You cant say the laws are decreed by God one minute, then say God doesnt exist because of the laws the next minute.
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  6. That's science. As new facts emerge, opinion changes based on those facts. Most religious followers are so convinced there is a god that facts don't matter.
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  7. No fact has emerged that said where the laws of gravity or physics come from, thats the problem.
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  8. No fact has emerged that said where the laws of gravity or physics come from, thats the problem.

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  9. Your interpretation of his point is flawed. His point is that, while there may or may not be a god, there is actually no need for one. Stated differently, god is not a necessary condition for the universe to exist.

    I think it's fascinating how you are taking it upon yourself to counter Hawking and setting him straight. I can only imagine his gratitude.
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  10. 377OHMS


    Exactly. He stated that God was not necessary to intitiate creation of the universe. It was created because of the particular laws of physics that happen to be in place.

    Besides, universes are a dime-a-dozen. Our universe floats among an infinite number of other universes comprising the mulitiverse. In fact, an infinite number of big bangs are occuring at any given moment giving rise to new universes constantly.

    If any small fraction of universes contain life it means that there are an infinite number of universes that contain life because a fraction of infinity is infinity. Since there are an infinite number of universes that contain life that means there are an infinite number of Earths with only a slight variation between them. So there are an infinite number of copies of you alive at this moment. Every time you make a decision the other you(s) in the mulitiverse make every other possible decision resulting in every possible outcome being realized somewhere.

    When you swerve on the highway to avoid a deer another you hits that deer and is killed, another you hits the deer and survives, another you is thrown from the vehicle and is hit midair by a meteor, another you shits his pants and whistles Dixie, another you hits the accelerator and runs over the deer, another you never even sees the deer and makes it home oblivious to it all.

    Cool ain't it?
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