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  1. I'm thinking about a move from the NJ/NYC area to Honolulu.Anyone here care to comment on the life out there,like areas to stay away from,the job market,quality of lifestyle,and anything else?
  2. Great quality of life - clean air, beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets, etc. etc. ...

    Coming from NY/NJ you should consider that the only jobs in HI are in tourism and hospitality. Unless you want to enlist in the armed forces. Also, the state is extremely Democratic/Socialist so you will pay through the nose for what you do earn.
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    Agree completely, I keep full time residency in TX, but trade in HI for a few months outta the year (the cold ones). I've got a awesome vacation home here, dolphines jumping in the bay ...incredible sunsets (again)...etc..etc....an UNENDING LIST OF THINGS TO DO...if you enjoy anything outdoors. I live on the Big Island...and wouldn't trade it for Honolulu for anything.

    .....But, unless you've raised turkeys on the farm in the northeast....and being a possible city boy....Ohahu might be your only option....everything else here is the boondocks.

    If your closterphobic, reconsider moving at all. Ohahu is also about the only island with nightlife as well (not that I could care).

    Cheers & Aloha!

    --Nothin' like Christmas in the Pacific!
    -----Kona coffee, Mangos, Papaya, Guava, Macadamia Nuts, & Pineapple in my christmas stocking!
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    Oh, yeah.........seems to be quite a few traders in Kailua Kona.

    & PS PS....theft is a pretty big problem across most of the islands, not much violent crime ...just petty theft stuff.

    Also, shared majorities here all about 22% of population: 1)Asian 2)Caucasian 3)Polynesian/or of Hawaiian decent. Pretty even mix.

    True Hawaiians account for 1-2% of population.

    Thank god for the www. --because there are many things you can't get here otherwise!
  5. I'm moving out also. Feb I think. Going to Maui. I already know the place well. My only concern is moving hassles.

    Many Maui traders out there?

  6. Terrific. We lived in the Kona Pacific Condos some time ago. It was (is) a short jaunt to the ocean for the evening sunset. Also recall watching the Ironman on TV live and timing when the leaders would be coming by the house, and then strolling out to watch ... Great place to trade from - a house high on the hill.

    Ok, now you got me going. Time for an Aloha shirt and some Iz tunes today.

    Btw, you forgot Ka'u oranges and sweet bread in your list ...

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    i am from the big island of Hawaii. If you are planning to work in any field related to tourism, you have a great chance of making it. If not, wake up at 4am in the morning , weary eyed, and trade for a living.
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    Out of curiousity, when not consider the Bahamas or Cayman?
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    Too much programming, not enough sleep :cool:
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    Weird....We lived at the Kona Pacific condos for months & I traded from there while we closed on the house. Small world!
    Livin' the quite life over Kealekekua Bay now.

    btw (hehhe)....You forgot the tangelos & apple bananas!
    Mmmm.. Punalu'u sweet bread makes the french toast.

    Gotta go Hawaii.....the Carribean just can't compare in beauty.

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