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    I might be transferring to UH system from Washington University in St Louis... I need to gather some info about where to live / work and about possible trading groups or job opps on the islands... I am 23 and extremely interested and driven to achieve my goal of being a successful futures trader... any help available?
  2. Hey Monsoon -

    We started an informal club if you want to check it out. We meet for social events periodically to meet other traders. Currently we have about 75 members of which maybe 10 have experience in trading futures. Most trade stocks and options. We have a website if you are interested. Feel free to join, it cost nothing, we just like to meet other traders and share ideas.


    If you have questions send an e-mail to info@hidaytradingclub.com .

    Good luck in your transition!
  3. Makiki ... what memories. UH is just up the hill and quite convenient. Waikiki only a ~5 minute bike ride.

    But make sure you know what you are getting into. The cost of living is much different than St. Louis. When I was in school there were many transferees from the mainland who were unable to find affordable housing and ended up returning to the mainland - I would assume many of them inevitable had to take the semester off. Then again, that was when the Japanese were dumping truckloads of Yen into HI real estate - the housing situation may have improved since then ...

    Have you considered the Hilo campus? If it is an option take a look - Hilo is quite a unique and very Hawaiian experience.
  4. BlueHorseshoe made an excellent suggestion about Hilo.
    Hilo is beautiful and affordable !! I think you would really enjoy the Big Island of Hawaii. :)
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    I ride sportbikes.. I assume that they are a viable option on the islands?
  6. I rode a sportbike for a while when attending UH Manoa. It might hinder your flexibility to see the rest of the island but for getting to school, a few beaches including Waikiki, nightlife, downtown Honolulu, and the Ala Moana shopping center a bike is fine. You might just rent a car a few times to see the rest of the island ... And definitely see some other islands while you are there. Oahu is so overdone ...

    If you don't live near campus you will need a vehicle, IMO.
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    I live on the Big Island and would never consider studying at Hilo or entering the UH system....this is based on some of my friends' experiences .....the Manoa campus is supposedly better rated (than Hilo) but as far as the quality of education for the whole UH system, it's questionable... Of course, it's all relative, I guess and depends on your emphasis of study (from the Princeton Review: tropical agriculture, oceanography, volcanology and Hawaii, Asian and Pacific cultural studies)....

    Washington University is highly regarded, why lower your standards???

    Don't mean to sound so negative, but please, don't shoot the messenger....:eek:
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    its Hawaii??? is that a good reason?
    I am really just tired of my current life.. and looking for a change.. I am studying economics and not real concerned about the ranking of the school.. just the ranking of the experiences I get there

    PS thanks to all of those who have replied
  9. I owned a sport bike in my younger days when I attended UH. Parking is convenient, and its cool. I had a Yamaha FZR 600. Back in the day it was a pretty cool bike, I don't know what is now.

    You can pretty much cruise around the island on it although, mind you there can be brief, frequent showers everyday at times. I'm not sure about the Big Island. It's a lot slower pace and very green and tropical, due to the very frequent rain. I don't think having a bike there would be at all a good idea. Just personal opinion.

    Overall, I think the exerience will be good regardless. Trade futures in the a.m. Done by 10. Hit the classes done by 3. Take a nap. Eat dinner, study (at Ocean Bar), home by 2. Sleep for 1 1/2 and start over. All good.
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