Hawaii offers free trips for digital nomads

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  2. I wonder why they decided to do this.
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  3. Hmm sounds interesting. Anyone up for it?
  4. All over the world, the tourism industry is suffering losses. The budget of Hawaii is very dependent on tourists
  5. Pekelo


    Generating business. The planes are flying 70% empty anyway, and if you live there, you have to rent a room, eat food,etc.
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  6. newwurldmn


    And attract new potential taxpayers.

    tulsa is doing the same thing.

    remote working could be an opportunity for many cities.
  7. tomorton


    Saw a light-hearted documentary on TV the other day showing Brits who had taken up special work permits introduced by Barbados to bring in digital nomads during covid work-at-home restrictions.

    One guy was actually working on his laptop in a hammock on the beach.......
  8. That guy is living the life, I envy him.
  9. tomorton


    Actually I think he found the hammock a bit cramped.......
    and his battery was running flat in half an hour.......
    Good grief.

    Hey, I guess I could learn to live with that.
  10. luisHK


    Never liked hanging out idle at a beach in hot weather, so really don t see what's to envy.
    Anyway it seems lots of options are opening up for digital nomads, a couple of countries in Europe have been mentioned here recently, there should be enough to satisfy a large range of tastes.
    Fwiw I miss the last couple of years I had an office in Paris, didn t need to stress about profitability of that business already, and it brought some extra social life that disappeared when I moved completely to home work than early retirement. Became utterly lazy as well, feel half asleep most of the time when I'm not training (7 to 8 times a week). All restrictions this year obviously don't help.
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