Hawaii Dems Want Law Releasing Obama Birth Records

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jan 27, 2011.

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  2. I think all these Dems really believe Obama is telling the truth....
    Reminds me of Clinton, coming out of a meeting with his cabinet when he told them about Monica....they all believed Clinton when he said nothing happened, and of course Clinton lied to every one of them.
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    Yeah, they fell hook line and sinker for Clinton's lie. I still can't believe that a U.S. President could speak to the American people and lie like he did.

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    It comes natural to liberals.
  5. Obama hasn't been fighting anyone. He's just ignoring you.
    Since the courts have not only thrown your crap out, but have actually fined that dentist idiot for wasting the court's time, that's the proper response.
    As for this article, the proper reading is: Hawaii Dems want to charge nutcases 100 bucks to satisfy their morbid curiousity.
  6. Gee, Clinton lied about sex with a fat intern. The horror.

    President Bush lied about WMD, and it cost us trillions of dollars and thousands dead and wounded.

    So I think you can dismount from your high horse now...

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  7. A trait also elevated to a high art form by muslims.
  8. Irrelevant ad hominem, as usual...

  9. Charge them more than $100.00.

    Say $1,000.00...or more.