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  1. Me and my gf are flying in to HNL January 6 2004, but she is 23 and can't rent the car under the package she got. Her flight arrives at noon, mine at 10:30PM, so I can rent the car when I arrive, but in the mean time, I would like her to be able to check into the hotel and get to the beach.. the hotel is the Ko Olina Marriott. I'd just like some nice soul to give her a ride to the hotel and then beach. Anyone available and willing PM me please.
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    Can I have my way with her for the afternoon if I make the bed in the room?
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    Is she bringing a friend? If so, what does she look like? For that matter, how old is she (friend) and what are her measurements?

    These burning questions need to be answered!


    Are you serious? You are asking complete strangers on the internet to pick up your girl at the airport??? Real safe.

    Why don't you buck up for a cab ride?

    Cheap bastard.
  5. lol...10 bucks for the cab and she probably can walk to the beach later on. At least I could where I stayed at the Aston last year.

    Why are you not flying together with her? Some vacation.
  6. some of you guys are so cynical and negative, it's a wonder you can find any reason to get up in the morning.
  7. There should be a shuttle to the hotel. If she only has carry on baggage you can take the Bus anywhere for about a dollar ($1.00).


    The Airport Bus goes to Waikiki Beach & Hotels about every half hour.
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    The ko olina is a nice resort, but way far away from waikiki on the ewa (west) side of the island far away from everything to see.... I would *never ask a stranger on the internet* to give someone a ride of course.

    daBus would not be something to take out there, it's a 1 1/2 hour+ ride w/traffic and all the stops and you can't take luggage on it. I would do the circle island on the bus (leaving from ala moana mall) for a buck or two, (be sure to get on the right side of the bus for the view), get off at the turtle bay for lunch etc, then take it back the same way you came for the return trip, a nice day trip...

    If it were me, I would pay a cab or ask for a hotel shuttle (preferred, if they have one)... a cab ride out there would run $40 or so.

    enjoy honolulu, the best city in the world!

    aloha from hawaii,


  9. Hay what do I know. I am usually on Maui. The last time I looked KAPOLI HI, was 20 min. from downtown about ten miles from the airport.

    [​IMG]The North Shore is a completely different thing. If you are going out to Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay wait until you have a car. You can rent a car for far less than $40.00.

    Getting to the Hotel from the airport for a dollar or a dollar, fifty is really no problem.