Hawaii as a place to live?

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  1. Anyone know the best island to live & raise a family? I was thinking Kauai might be the best because its expensive enough that maybe all the bad elements are not on that island. I know there is alot of drugs and violence on some of the islands, but does anyone know if Kauai has those problems?
  2. Women used to run around half naked here, until bible thumping white dudes showed up. I think if you move here, it's within your theological responsibility to re-instill the fact that god likes his boobies naked and natural. You get to preach and christian women will start exposing their yams en mass. Everybody wins.

    The Waianae coast would be a good place for you. Some people call it god's country.
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    Maui is pretty sweet though you wouldnt want to live there..... if you are ever in maui go to kamaoele 1,2,or 3, or McKenna.
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    The thing is out there you will be an outsider regardless, whatever island you go to i guarantee you will not be accepted by the locals, thats the problem..... Dont mean to take anything away just telling you reality..... i have seen it.....first hand.....I have been to maui kuai, lanai and hawaii(never been to oahu)

    You are probably best just to stick close to honolulu, if your plan is to live it out there, atleast there is alot of city slickers/tourists
  5. That would be Makena...

    ...which sub-divides into Big Beach and Little Beach.
    Not many people know that there's a pretty good left outside of Little Beach.... amongst MANY other things....
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    LOL my spelling may not be right but i will always remeber makena cause i was a little 12 year old hero and i waited till the waves were massive and i managed to get outside the break, and some dude on one of those sand coins had to bail my ass out. Makena wasnt like the Kamaeole beaches where you could touch ground, there was a shelf, and it dipped the second you get off shore.. I rememer goiung back as an adult and wondering wtf i was thinking.

    I wil take note of the left version of makena next time im out there.....

    btw bronks your a steeler fan right?? go steelers!!!
  7. Yes Sir!

    We should be getting Polamalu and A. Smith back for the playoffs.
    Two things worry me, our secondary and the Patriots. Our CB's suck and NE has our number... they're like Kryptonite to us (and everyone else apparently). If in fact we do meet up with them again, and don't get the rush to Brady, we're dead. Me thinks NE peaked too soon... lol

    Makena is a helluva body surfing wave on the right swell.
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    Im worried about new england as well, im praying they bite the dust before we got to face them. other then that its clear sailing, only team besides them that worries me is the ravens.
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    Makena was real bad when there was a storm that was when i saw it as a kid and how i saw it as an adult, the waves were like 2 stories high when i saw it, and when i boldly ventured out as a kid and was petrified as an adult...
  10. You forget...I'm evangelical Christian. I'm used to being treated like an outsider. :p
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