Hawai'i 1-on-1

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  1. Saw this on Craigslist Hawai'i (Big Island) today, thought some here might find it interesting:

  2. I suspect it is a "mentor" who is willing to collect $$$ from each and every person who responsds.

    No way to prove who he is or his self-proclaimed skiils.

    and a thought that you might be the "mentor."

    Sorry, but we get too many of these on ET who spam and proclaim their innocence thereof.

    You cannot believe any of them.
  3. Everybody is a cynic. It is easy. It's cheap. And makes one feel clever. So congratulations to you.

    I don't know this guy from Adam, and have never been in contact. But he advertised only on the Big Island of Hawai'i, which is a relatively small community, and most certainly has a microscopic trading community. Seems like he is making himself available specifically to one who is also on the island and can meet. If I were in Hawai'i I' probably meet him, though there'd be other hurdles to hiring him ...
  4. Everyone who is SMART is a cynic. I have been trading beyond 20 years. And have seen 1000s of vendors, websites, mentors, fax services, etc. etc. etc.

    And 99% of them are useless. And when he needs a freebie ad to tell people, that only cements the problem.

    The only concerning thing, is that you are NOT a cynic. It screams out that you are a newbie. Wait until you get plugged a couple of times by generous or can't miss opportunities as most traders were. Then you will understand why they are cynical.

    There is ZERO reason to trust people you do not know. Some day, you will understand what they means. In the meantime, apparently you need some experience as a lemming...
  5. 1) Meet him in a public place.
    2) Bring "protection".....whether it be a bodyguard, Glock, Uzi or Louisville Slugger.
    3) Ask him if he has other relatives who have traded at the CBOT. :cool: