Having trouble printing IB's tax forms?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by J.P., Mar 6, 2010.

  1. J.P.


    I couldn't get IB's tax forms to print correctly using Internet Explorer. Everything looked OK in Print Preview but the actual printout didn't; it was chopping off the side using portrait and it was chopping off the bottom using landscape even if the margins were changed. Print preview was a lie.

    After first blaming HP's software, then 64-bit Win 7, on a hunch I tried switching browsers.

    Browsers definitely make a difference in printing--something I didn't know.

    Chrome's printing is pathetic; they don't even have Print Preview. And if something amounts to four pages in portrait and you switch to landscape which totals five pages, it will still only print the first four pages with no way of getting the last page!

    Last resort: Firefox. What a difference! It has Print Preview which, unlike IE, accurately shows what will be printed. And switching between portrait and landscape was flawless. It even printed every page of IB's lengthy yearly Activity Statement for entire 2009, in landscape mode, properly, the first time.

    (But Firefox is no panacea; it has severe issues in other areas where Chrome shines.)

    I hope this helps someone.
  2. Bob111


    no problem here. but i was unable to open an excel file for sch d. probably as one of fellow ET members said-due 65k row excel limitations
  3. J.P.


    That must be an older Excel. 2007 has over a million rows.
  4. Bob111


    Thank you for info J.P!