Having slashed content, RealMoney raises prices...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dis, Feb 28, 2003.

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    At TheStreet.com, we are continually looking for ways to give you the most for your investment in us. Beginning with your next monthly renewal, the price of a monthly membership to RealMoney will increase to $24.95. However, if you upgrade NOW to an annual subscription for $229.95, you will actually be saving money on an annualized basis and gain access to two FREE chats.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I am cancelling my subscription.
  2. well at least we know what they mean by "RealMoney."
  3. More good news for Todd Harrison.

    Seriously, who are they targeting RM at? I wrote the editor and asked him just that and pointed out that stock market hobbyists will not pay for content. He didn't bother to respond, heck I've only been a subscriber for 4 or 5 years, probably longer than he's been out of journalism school. WTF would I know? Hardcore traders will pay, but not for the sort of fluff they are dishing up. Rev Shark is ok, but he's no Toddo. The rest of the RM columnists range from interesting (Cramer, Arsin, Simons) to useless( all the rest basically).

    I can only guess that they see the handwriting on the wall for RM and are trying to transition the value-added writers to the premium product, whatever they call it now.
  4. stokhack


    Ditto, cannot see where realmoney is worth $25/mo, especially since you can get a lot of the stuff delayed on the street.com.
    Should be good for Toddo's site though, also going to cancel and subscribe to Minyanville( although that name is something).
  5. Too bad, seemed like a better deal last year. I used it for 9 months and just cancelled as well.

    They 'dumbed-it-down' and charged more. Hmmm, sounds like Schwab, Morgan Stanley, and most other Trading/Analyst sites. I guess without the M/A bucks, these guys can't cut it!

    Briefing.Com only thing worth paying for these days, at least for $10/month!
  6. I am trying to think of the last time I made money off something in RM. What exactly is in there that is worth paying for? Are the RM columns that are posted in TheStreet.com available for free, or are they just come-ons?
  7. They're 'come-ons'.

    If it's current, recent information you get a screen offering free trial, just enter credit card.

    If it's 'older' (yesterday's news), you'll get the article.

    Forewarned is fore-armed (or something like that)!