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    Unemployed And Wanting An Edge... Is It Worth $
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    Posted on: Friday, 3rd January 2003


    Thank you to everyone who has replied. Alot of you have told me that I shouldn't have to pay for the course and buying the books will give me the knowledgable edge...here is my dilemma....it's a dog eat dog world out there. Unemployment is horrible and even for me (a person willing/able to start at the bottom of the totem pole at a new company) is having a hard time finding a position because I have more experience than the fully interned college grad, but less than the seasoned professional...I am stuck in the middle.

    I find myself wanting to get the SS books so that I get a full understanding of the six sigma process, but feel that I need the "formal training" and certification to "prove" to companies that I have it in me (the initiative and motivation) to learn and practice Six Sigma methods.

    Gosh, is any of this making sense? I have approached GE and they were ready to give me a project (I offered to work for free) but legally they have to pay me. At this point, minimum wage is out of the question because they are cutting costs left and right, so even minimum wage is too much for them at this time.

    I got great book suggestions and think that they will be a great supplement to training. Any more sage advice. I still haven't finalized my decision. In the end $2000 is alot of money, especially when trying to rebuild after 1.5 yrs of unemployment (spouse and I). We were/are young, so didn't have much of a rainy day fund.

    Thank you!!!