Having Others Supervise Your System

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  1. Lets say you have a completely mechanical strategy. It doesn't require you to do anything thinking or work during the day, yet you're not comfortable going to work and just leaving the thing alone. You'd prefer to have yourself or someone else monitor it just to make sure nothing goes wrong.

    Is there some service, some way, of having someone else supervise your system?
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    There are trading robots available. The drawback is that the newer more advanced robots can only read LCD screens. So you may need a monitor upgrade. The last robot I used had a little bit of a bullish bias though. When the system went into sell mode he would often wait a split second to see if there was indeed follow through and a couple of times caused significant slippage. Under NO circumstances do you want to use one of those monkey's advertised on CNBC to baby sit your system. They start out great but after a couple of months they start "thinking" and then they virtually fade the system. They are also quite expensive to feed.
  3. CNBC advertises trading monkeys?:D
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    Sometimes it's very soft selling. Couple of weeks back they had one on as a guest. Looked very dignified talking in a suit about a second quarter recovery.
  5. PM me if you're interested in a couple of used trading monkeys. They're both pretty sharp, but you have to keep Bobo happy...he likes frozen banana chunks...can you believe that? Kimbo is low-maintenance though.

    I would still be using them, but PEG LEG has developed a true cybernetic organism which can do the trading for me. Plus, this artificial man is also my CPA...two birds with one stone. :cool:


  6. corso,

    several brokers provide this service. robbins trading comes to mind.


  7. We can trade your system on our Auto Executor!!!
  8. it's called broker-assist system trading. best firms i think is striker and zapfutures or something like that. the price is high commissions.
  9. I will watch it for you.
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    If you have a system that is working do a projectionon when it's return is enough to replace your income and still be growing at your current rate.

    I think you will find that this is a relatively short time.

    In the meantime find out why you can't trust it and trust yorself.

    What is your current monthly ROI?

    How long is each hold cycle for profits?

    What is your profit per cycle?

    How ferequently do you upgrade your trading algorithm?

    What incremental increase in profits do you get?

    Obviously you have been trading for less than a year or something, since you do not have a time horizon yet for quitting your job.
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