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  1. I've been using Wizetrade for 6 months now and I've made over $10k. Not sure why it doesn't;t work for everyone, unless they don;t bother watching the training DVD's or attending the free training classes. You get out of it what you put into it....my experience, as an active trader for 2 years now is Wizetrade is very easy to navigate, has tons of great features and if you sign up for their exclusive Traders TV shows you get stock, options, and forex training all day, live in the market! I like to trade with the trend...and the charts in this software are great! I had to work with it for about 3 months paper trading, before I went live, to make sure I knew what I was doing and it's paid off big. This software does what it says...it shows buying and selling pressure spread out over different time intervals, and anyone can see what's a good stock and what's a risky stock to get into. So for what it's worth I recommend it, but only if you are willing to learn how to use it.:D
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    I've used WizeTrade for a little over 1 year, about 14 months now. I just handed in my resignation at work because I made more with WizeTrade than I'll ever make at my company. I'm even going to take a break from trading and travel for a few months with my family. (Is the Tennesse TopHat in style in Europe?)
  3. RhinoGG--wow...that's so cool to hear. I'm trad8ing full time with Wizetrade too...and building my empire so I can take a few months off and travel. I only started with $30k, so I have a way to go...but I think Wizetrade will help me get there.:D
  4. the top? :D

    only kidding...whatever works for you is all that matters
  5. I just started trading Wizetrade this week. I quit my job, my wife quit her job, my sister in law quit her job, my kids don't have to sell pencils on the corner anymore, I just bought a villa in Gstaad (the skiing is fabulous), Warren Buffet and Steve Cohen have been calling for advice but I don't take their calls, my penis has grown two inches, all the hair on my back fell out, I don't need glasses anymore and I just hired Greenspan to speak at my family's Sunday dinner. It was $150K but well worth it. Thanks Wizetrade.:cool:
  6. Nothing like reading a good infomercial.
  7. so, what do ewe trade with and hows that working for ya?
  8. I strictly use WiseTrade. I'm surprised it took you that long to get rich, you must be a fucking retard.
  9. Thats it, 150K? You must be doing it part time.
  10. Guys I really want to use wizetrade!!! Thanks for this advice. I will quit my job tomorrow with a big smile bcause I know that thanks to wizetrade I will never kiss asses anymore...

    Thanks WT :cool:
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