having a link to your own journal

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by padutrader, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. padutrader


    i saw this feature in another forum.

    this is nice if not i have to search for my journal.

    this is not critical but i did find it useful when i was using the other forum
  2. ph1l


    You could bookmark the link in your web browser or save it in some other offsite storage.
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  3. wrbtrader


    Would this be for you to not forget the link to your own trade journal or would the purpose be for others to know you have a trade journal and its location (link) ?

  4. padutrader


    actually i did that.
  5. padutrader


    it is locate it in one click.
    in one forum they had an option 'your journal' just below the option 'journals'
  6. wrbtrader


    Just save it as a link in your browser and/or go into your Personal Details of your profile here at ET and save it in your "homepage".

    The difference is when you save it to your browser...its only for you. In contrast, when you put your trade journal link in your profile...its obviously for others to know its there especially if Baron creates a custom location in your profile that states "Trade Journal".

    You do know that there's a section in your profile that states "Homepage" ?

    Also, saving the link in your profile page is not going to be one click. Its a few clicks. In contrast, saving the link to your trade journal in your browser is "one click".