Having a hard time understanding the USA?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Sep 15, 2003.

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  2. Gay .. .no wait ... Super GAy

    this is the worse propaganda shit since Nam.
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    Well I guess that I like "property" as much as the next guy...but I don't think that I saw anything about leaving this place a little better then the way you found it, or about maybe helping others in need...only a lot of talk about "self"...all in a silly video designed to make thise who really ain't got a lot somehow feel good about the few who do...

    The video did not talk about "values"...it talked about me, mine, and mine...period.

    Like I said, I'm into property, make no mistake...but don't try to call my greed values...
  4. what does that have to do with the USA?
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    What's the problem?? That pretty much describes how I think about things. I always encourage people to set goals, and I don't know anybody that won't defend their property in some way shape or form. That is a pretty clear little philosophical argument, not that I'm a philosopher at all, or can STAND most of them, but the guys that framed the (since unframed!) constitution used arguments like those.


  6. thanks for posting the video. these quasi socialists on this board are making me ill.



  7. dude,

    surely you jest.....

  8. No naked chicks -- it sucked.
  9. no jesting... how would watching that video help someone understand the USA?
  10. madison,

    i will proceed with good will and accepting your statements as your true feelings--if not---nothing i can do about it.

    property rights are part of the underpinnings of the philosophy of individual liberty upon which the USA is founded. this is seriously basic material, i am saddened that it is not common knowledge. your namesake james madison would be turning over in his grave :D

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