Haven't bashed Obamacare in a while...

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  1. Heard on the street.

    This 30 hr bs is a no go. I suppose if you work 2 hours a day but the co had 8 hrs worth of work for ya, then that counts you as woulda coulda shoulda been full time.

    Secondly, the 50 employee rule. Well if you got 30 employees but 20 quit and you replaced them in a certain time frame, bada bing bada boom, there's your 50 employees.
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    The problem with healthcare is that there is no market for it. How much does a broken arm cost? a cold?

    How can I compare prices and shop for the best?

  3. no market for medical care ...

    if someone has a very important meeting, that could bring in substantial amount of money. But the person just broke their leg,
    how much would the person be willing to pay so as to be able
    to go to the meeting?

    How much would a pro or aspiring pro sportsman be willing to pay to repair an injury?
  4. Isn't that the real problem. They make the market and set the price so ultimately health care costs what the corporations behind it want it to cost. Until that monopoly or cartel is controlled there will be not way to control the cost of healthcare.
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    Who is "they"? A market consists of providers and users. How do "they" control the users and providers?

    You statement is nonsensical.

    Let me give you a real world example. I had a procedure done a few years ago. My Dr wanted to perform in a hospital operating room, cost $3000. I found a Dr that would do it in-patient for $600. The reason I was shopping was because I had an HSA and was on the hook for the 1st $2500. I had an incentive to seek out lower cost.

    Look at elective surgery such as lasik and plastic surgery. Cost for both have been trending down. AFAIK, neither is covered in a normal health ins plan.

    When you mandate a ins co cover more and more and then have the user only pay a "co-pay" well of course costs will go up. Where is the incentive to seek out lower cost services? Better yet, where is the incentive to even bother proving a lower cost service if the users don;t care?
  6. Do people need all of the procedures they get and the drugs they take? Who is it who tells them they need them? Doctors.
  7. An English surgeon has come out with the statement that Shakespeare's death 'resulted from complications of fever, typhus, typhoid paralysis, epilepsy, apoplexy, arterio-sclerosis, oversmoking, chronic alcoholism, gluttony, angina pectoris, Bright's disease, pulmonary congestion, locomotor ataxia and E pluribus trollum'"
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  8. Sorry the federal govt through medicare essentially sets all fees in the USA. All insurers use these as a basis, all work comp and auto accident payments are based on a 110% of prevailing medicare rates.
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