Have you upgraded to eSignal 7.5?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by EMini-Player, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Anyone here upgrade to eSignal 7.5 yet? Is it pretty stable? Is the upgrade pretty seamless, i.e. after upgrading when you opened up eSignal, did all the charts still show up OK in their proper places?


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    No problem here
  3. Also, I did not have any problems when upgrading.
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    Users are upgrading without problems. This release was more data enhancements than software changes. Last week when I looked over 4000 users were on 7.5 already.

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    I upgraded and it was no problem.

    I would also like to mention that I was helped by customer service at Esignal. I was moving while my card expired. When I finally had the office in my house set up, I no longer had Esignal at avery nice rate. When I called up the guy said too late its been 2 months and you can not get the old rate. I mentioned this problem on Elitetrader and with help from a few esignal guys they got me back to my old rate except for about 10 dollars.

    So I should say thank you elitetrader also.
  6. no problem here
  7. Do they give different rates to different people?

    Michael B.

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    Can you please shed some light on why eSignal charges $25 a month if you wish add access to futures exchanges?

    What services does eSignal provide to the user to justify the monthly $25 fee?

    I'm referring to the description for the eSignal Premier product at http://www.esignal.com/esignal/pricing/default.asp


    -- M
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    We did this in order to keep the cost of the eSignal Premier product down. eSignal Premier was the combination of two products, eSignal Equities and eSignal Futures. eSignal Futures was $25 more than eSignal Equities, but had the downside of not being able to add real-time equity markets. Now with Premier, going with futures data still incurs the normal $25 fee, however you can now add the equity exchanges. As far as the reason for charging more for futures data, this is due to the additional cost to deliver more data to the end-user. If we rolled this into the Premier product, we would need to raise the price of the product as a whole, thus charging the former eSignal Equity subscribers more unnecessarily.
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