Have you tried these services?

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    Has anyone tried either swingtrades.com or findmynexttrade.com?

    I have never tried any serviced of that kind but have always been curious if they are any good or not.


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    I'm on my second week at SwingTrades.com Trade Room. I like the lead trader, Ken. The day trading results starting Jan. 2005 (technically, it's simulated with no slippage or commissions) calls posted on the website. At the end of each day they post to the site the entries made for the day in the chatroom as well as the chatroom transcript. It's all quite transparent and that's one reason why i signed up for a month.

    It's a decent, honest operation, as they don't do any funny business or distort results as far as i can tell. What i actually traded for the day based on their calls is what they report to the website, excluding slippage and commissions. So far there have been maybe two or three calls that were a bit hard to catch. I'm experimenting with my order macros so i can fire them off faster with my trade software.

    I haven't been with them long enough to report anything all that meaningful about my results. I was up .02% the first week and i screwed up some of my orders this week and am down about 3%. I'm just starting out learning to day trade. This is one reason why i thought a trade room would be a good way to experience real trading with other people of varying experience as well as an experienced lead trader that one can ask questions of and learn through osmosis.

    I'll be happy to post in a few more weeks how it is going if anyone is still interested.

    I also checked out the website at DayTradeTeam.com. I'm not terribly impressed with their marketing, as it sounds like they are offering a free week but in actuality it's a NO RISK trial that costs $5 and then automatically rolls into an annual membership that costs $995 (with 24 hour grace period). Can someone please tell me what a Risk Free trial is?? I just hate it when people use deceptive marketing schemes like this to get people to sign up. Honesty and straightforwardness is the best policy.

  3. Check out www.highchartpatterns.com , they're pretty awesome and cheap (even though i've been a member prob around a month, so take it with a grain of salt). zanger style but for daytraders. i've posted some of the calls that i've taken on my thread under Trade of the Day in journals. Right now i think it's the best newsletter service out there. 3-4 yrs ago that throne belonged to zanger. daytrade team i tried out a while back and thought v mediocre. nexttrade that you mentioned i have no idea. opening bell service or something like that is quite good too but more expensive. it all depends too on your timeframe (if you're longer term then ignore my recommendation, they are short term- intraday or 1-2 days). also this is equities only.
  4. sorry no one really answered your question. i went to findmynexttrade to check it out -- one thing --as far as i could tell-- they didn't show what exact trades they had taken, just cumulative p/l %. i'd like to see the log of the actual stocks (to make sure they aren't too cheap, or illiquid). i guess if you start a trial you can have access to that maybe?
  5. I tried swingtrade it was ok just bought a course (on line DVD their strategy). but tooooooooo expensive with that kind of money I spent, I would have gotten more product for my money in another place.
    I was a complete dumbass lol.

    Just learn a lesson in life. USE GOOGLES.
  6. do they have a free trial?
  7. Not swingtrades
  8. I don't try anything that doesn't have a free trial. If they don't have enough confidence to give you a free week or two...doesn't say much about their service.
  9. SlowDown, am taking your advice to heart it makes total sense.
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    I just saw an ad for swingtrades and I came to ET to see what others have said. Looks interesting and if it delivers the kind of results they claim (1-2% per trade), $249/month is cheap. However, they not only have no free trial, but I also saw NO SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Based on that, I think I'll continue to make my own mistakes instead of letting others make them for me. :)

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