Have you SEEN Bernanke lately!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cgtrader, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. WOW He looks like he is barely alive!

    His eyes are wasted out and he trembling when he talks, he knows the deep deep evils of what we are facing!!!

    Paulson is lying is just so bloody obvious watching him speak isn't it???

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  2. Balljet


    what time did this air?

    watch out tomorrow, could get ugly!
  3. Nah, he's always looked that way. The dull look of a civil servant, that's all.
  4. The clip is from a day ago so it's old, but I have never seen him look that unhealthy.

    I can see a difference in his appearance and demeanor.

    Civil servant? haha nice joke
  5. 2% interest is the main reason for $150/barrel oil.

    money keeps chasing oil...

  6. Well Paulson is marrried with no children so something is fucked up.

    But otherwise in his job he has done well (with Bernanke) in preventing an uncontrolled meltdown. Is that something that can be understood and appreciated by the neanderthals at ET? :cool:
  7. you call it a meltdown.

    i call it a "market correction"

    mr. market always knows and there is no fooling around.

  8. Ashley


    it might be very early
  9. Yeah, I have more faith in The Market and its internal workings (mechanisms) than most give credit for.

    With all the intervention to stymie what would have been and still is a relatively normal market event (correction) - I wouldn't be surprised to see a more sharp (going forward) reaction in stocks.

    It ultimately will have to wring out most all of the cancer. Be warned.

  10. No, my words were 'preventing an uncontrolled meltdown'. Moving Bear Stearns away from collapse into a buy out of them was about 'confidence'. The Fed could not let it go down. Simple stuff really.

    But hey if you want to refer to current stock prices as a 'market correction' I have no objections. Play the moves daily my boy and keep your head clear.:cool:
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