Have you quit your other job to trade?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canadian_dude, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I wondered how many people started trading e-mini's while still working at another job NOT related to trading. But due to their success as a trader, they no longer work at anything else besides trading.

    As for myself, I quit working at anything else as of January 2003, all I do now is trade.
  2. you must be pretty damn stupid.

  3. why ??
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    ..Im thinking the same thing too "Why not?" ..here in the Silicon Valley... I cannot find any "other" work was constantly getting laid off... had absolutely NO job security???, I quit a job, (the only POS job I could get) I absolutely despised and was daily asked to do illegal things at, (such as lie about their services)....

    I have never been happier since I made that decision, I've been trading for real after 2 months of sitting next to my mentor and have had 3 straight profitable days, will I succeed long term? I have no idea, I try to live "one day at a time"......have I ever been happier or more fulfilled (in a career)- unequivocally NO!

    I'm very happy with the firm I choose and the decision I made to finally fulfill my passion.

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    Both Bob and I needed a new way to make a living since we have medical problems and our old jobs were physically exerting. So rather than go on permanent disability from Uncle Sam, we have been trading.
    Too bad we did not find out about this years ago!
    The tuition was HUGE, but now it is paying off for us.
    We will realize our dream of cruising in our boat....stopping to trade for a year when we need money.

    PS....we still each work about 10 hours a week at our old jobs. We are the only people who do what we do for 150 miles. I do electrolysis and Bob is a greenhouse builder.....Can't leave friends in the lurch.

  6. excellent jester , i wish you all the best !!!!!

  7. Oooooooohhhh, so you're the two. I had heard that there were a couple of people who had a chance for permanent disability, but chose to work instead.

    Now that the scoop is out, you'll probably be approached by some attorneys who will try to make you realize how you are screwing it up for everyone else.

    Working instead of disability..... what are you two thinking?

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    Wonderful. Your initiative is to be admired. What turned it around for you ? Chart reading or what ?
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    I don't agree with this, what better time to try it if you can afford the start-up phase and are confident with your trading?

    It's not like employers are handing out a ton of accolades, raises, and promotions in this economic environment. Plus most employees are asked to work harder and longer for the same pay. For those already putting in 50 to 60 hours a week, longer hours are a killer. Then if it doesn't work out, barring a depression, jobs should be easier to find in the next year or two.
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    We got a new Ouija Board....the old one stripped it's hard drive.
    Really I follow chimpanzee Cross, Candlesticks and Don Miller.....matter of fact there are four whole threads on it......one is now going on in Strategy.

    Oh my, there is a terrible knocking on the hatch.....low and behold there is a bevy of lawyers looking to "assist" us......send out the SOS for us inandlong....the sharks are attacking!:D :D
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