"Have you made or lost money since you started trading?"

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by travis, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Interesting comment and I agree with the gist.....but ...12 months ago the SPX was at 932.87.....it is now at 1058.45, some 130 points higher......however it first moved 144 points lower to the march bottom! So for 3 months you couldnt be just a long trader! You're right...you have to see the forest from the trees.....other wise the market will f**k you up big time!
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  2. burnin


    Please Gekko, we all know your a loser.
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  3. Pabst


    "Some folks are born into a good life
    Other folks get it anyway anyhow
    I lost my money and I lost my wife
    Them things don't seem to matter much to me now"
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  4. Very good point! Similar to the point I made when someone in the thread about "how much should a good trader make" claimed that if one doesn' t make 100% on returns a year, he/she is not a good trader.
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  5. Trendy,

    Your sarcasm is a sad attempt at humor and are you rightfully flamed for doing so. Everybody understands the spirit or essence of the question and I know you do as well. However, your choice to play lawyer and bring up the semantics of the question is petty. Your kind of posts should be discouraged from ET because no one wants to sift though useless posts like the one you wrote...or this one that I wrote now in response to yours. Just because you see a can of worms, doesn't mean you should open it.


    if members don't police themselves, moderators will censor.
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    Let's keep it clean. I've deleted a few of the most immature postings. If it continues I'll have to remove all posts of the offending members.
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    Besides, there was no can of worms but just a lot of worms in his head. Because where does it say that you only answer polls with a "yes" or "no", and that you can't answer instead "I made money (overall)" or "I lost money (overall)". The poll is perfectly phrased, the only problem is when a stupid person tries to be funny.
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  8. Cheese


    "Trading a million dollar account and trading a 25K account will utilize different trading strategies." CalTrader

    Not really, not necessarily so at all.

    If you have devised and actually trialled successfully a very high probability system for index futures .. it would of course have to be a quantitive system .. then you use it from a small account through to a fortune sized account.

    You risk control and money management must be of a strict and particular order though. So bet size is 0.2% of capital (original investment + net gains) or put as ratio 1:500. Use deep stops to avoid your trading success being disrupted by 'noise' on any one day .. say 40 to 50 points on the YM. Also don't carry overnight: stop profit or stoploss before the close. Daily targeted profit making say not less than 55 points on the Dow .. can be variation here depending on the sophistication of your formulae but very very roughly you are taking out the difference between the days hi/lo.

    Then retain all gains to multiply and compound you capital.
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