Have you lived or are you just living ?

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    I've been thinking about this as I've become older (30+) and although I have lived a life that is definitely above-average....

    I don't think that I can say that I have really lived!

    What are some things that you are going to do before you die?
  2. My life is pretty average, but I don't mind. Who could really say that they have really lived anyway?

    However, before I die, I wanted to make the world a better place....a fun place with more positive peoples. :)

    Also, throw a party with friends every months!

  3. cross off every thing on my bucket list.
  4. Getting a jet ski this summer. Rented one on Sanibel last summer with the wife screaming bloody murder on the back. Fun like I never had before.
  5. hey. do you live on sanibel? i am heading down there next week for a week. any must see areas around there you rec? i am more interested in nature than city.
  6. At 65, do you think I should cross screwing Jennifer Anniston off my wish list?
  7. I can't talk the wife into leaving where her family lives; mine have both passed. We didn't do alot of nature type things but there are alot there like kayaking around lagoons and nature preserves. Theres a restaurant called Lighthouse Inn on Periwinkle Way that advertises the worlds best breakfast'
    it was okay but not the best. The road dead ends into the South Sea Island resort where we stayed and there are alot of nice art galleries in Captiva, touristy shops etc. One thing is always check to see if your favorite band might be playing in Naples or Fort Myers; try Naples Philharmonic Center website. Sanibel is refered to as the worlds best place to go sea shell hunting; if that interests you. We drove around alot in Ft Myers and Naples and Sanibel old fart type stuff. Have a good time.
  8. Adding to my list:

    -swim with dolphins
    -swim with stingrays
    -go on a cruise
    -see the Northern Lights
    -try surfing
    -go to Vegas
    -buy a house with a large backyard
    -build a mini lazy river pool in the backyard
    -get a dog
  9. quite the opposite, I always feel like I have done everything in life, if there is anything I really want to do I will just do it, so I don't really have a wish list

    my sons were and are the best things that happened to me, I spend most of my money and time on them, there isn't anything that even comes second
  10. here are some to add that i have done recently that were outstanding:
    alaska cruise
    drive down the pacific coast highway from washington to la
    lake tahoe
    grand teton/yellowstone park
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