Have you heard that a new city-state/protectorate exists yet?

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  1. Apparently, the Small Town of Brickell declared its independence from all authority on planet earth. That fact has been internationally recognized, however half the population of Brickell is unaware. Organization is a mess at the moment. There is no publicly accepted government nor emissaries or representatives yet. I am hoping they are working on that little problem. The location for the court house and government center has been identified.

    So.. no police force. No military. Eventually, no taxes, however we don't have any representatives to tell Miami-Dade that we are independent.

    Speculation is Federal Washington DC has recognized and are aware, however getting that to the politicians and administration has been difficult. Hopefully will happen soon.

    More to come... Until we get media coverage. Hopefully those flyers are making the rounds.
  2. Oh... in case you weren't aware. The Small Town of Brickell is in the center of Miami and just south of downtown. It was originally established by Mary Brickell in 1896 I think. She was the principal founder of Miami as well. However the only internationally recognized protectorate/city-state is the Small Town of Brickell.
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    There is an historical precedent. During the War for Southern Independence, Jones County Georgia declared its independence. It as known as The Kingdom of Jones, among other names. Good reading if you google it.
  4. Apparently that was an unsuccessful attempt. Did they incorporate? Maybe that was their problem.

    So far, seen small indications, however it has not yet been publicized. I did see a few signs of attempted squatting. Not sure if that will work however. If you are squatting, you better be publicizing. Pass out those flyers dumbasses.
  5. On a side note, I met the #1 (perhaps) gunfighter on planet earth last night. Met face to face. She thought she had me for a second due her incognito form. Unexpectedly young. Snuck in with her adopted family I think. Princess. However, I had built up sufficient reinforcements and had good position. We made friends after she identified other suspects and/or missed in her aim. Might have been a subconscious thing or maybe she is just a bit inexperienced due to her age.

    God damned if she didn't see me about exit. Eyes in the back of her pretty little head. We said goodbye as I walked out. Met my match. Too bad she's only like 4.
  6. To explain that a bit. She is playing a defensive/offensive game to protect herself from child-molesters. I did the same and have been doing so all my life. However, she sometimes doesn't know who ends up dying. She's killing the wrong people because at a distance, the bad guy (or girl) simply puts an innocent in the bullet or guillotine or car accident or whatever assassination technique might have been deployed.

    I know this because I'm surrounded by bad guys (and girls) all my life with a bunch of innocents who went to their deaths for the right reasons and the wrong people.

    Apparently, best sources say 250,000,000 million women have physically deceased so far. And counting. Hard to verify that number, but the military computer simulations have it somewhere around there.
  7. No good news to report. Every time I see a subtle sign of the killing ending, the bad guys who surround me and follow me kill my secret messengers (or keep them otherwise occupied with sex).
  8. To clarify: those secret messengers are both inbound and outbound.
  9. The mistake that all women make is to keep secrets. Why do they keep secrets? Because all women were molested at some point in their life and their authority figure told them to keep the secret or die. Of course, that is how secrets are kept. Just kill the person keeping the secret and the secret dies with them.

    Publicity is protection. Publicizing something spreads the secret which eliminates the need to kill the person.

    Media control. Word of mouth doesn't work at a state level. No one in the United States talks outside their small circles and class levels. And nothing worth a damned is on tv or the newspapers. Although I have seen a couple of exceptions lately, the reporter and editors are getting murdered or bought off.
  10. To change the subject, anyone know how to get hold of Jennifer Lopez? I have a business project she would be perfect for.

    That's not a "busy-ness" sexual reference by the way.
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