Have you found the holy grail? How about you give me just one setup?

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  1. Im wondering if anyone here has found the "holy grail"? For starters how about you just give me one simple setup?
  2. Bollinger band breakout
  3. On 3/5, you stated that you were done with ET-

    "I am done with this website otherwise and will not come back to reply to any responses. I just wanted to post my story, my opinion and a bit of advice for those who want to go into trading. Best of luck to you all..."

    Now you are begging for set up's...really?
  4. BSAM


    Too funny!
  5. holy grail traders don't use setups
  6. Buy low; sell high!
  7. Redneck



    I don’t have an ignore list…, (I can ill afford to ever ignore anything)….

    I do however have an idiot list – that as a rule I don’t respond to

    Base on your posting history…., I believe you to be another alias…., and an idiot

    But I will respond in hopes someone else is trying to learn – and will find benefit


    The Holy Grail is not a set up….

    The mkt is uncertain…, All set ups fail…. The mkt is uncertain…. All setups fail…. The mkt is uncertain… all setups fail

    It is a never-ending circle base on the fact the mkt in uncertain….


    The Holy Grail is simply a mindset – that

    When a set up works – allows a trader to patiently, and calmly – remain in a trade until the move has ended / nearly ended (obviously we can never be sure the move had ended, until the move has actually ended- duh)

    When a set up fails – allows a trader to exit a trade immediately – once that trade has failed – yet remain detached and unaffected by the loss – and ready to enter the next setup

    When a set up is not present – allows a trader to sit patiently until a set up materializes – then act without opinion…, hesitation…, thinking…


    I once posted; The Holy Grail is that which allows a trader to repeatedly and consistently make money from the market (and consistently and repeatedly does not mean 100% of the time)

    This was my generalized remark… now I’ve just spelled it out

    Oh and feel free to rip my “spelled out” apart….though I doubt you can


    As for set ups – they are a dime a dozen


  8. Me too. Redneck, is at the top of the list. :D :D :D
  9. What a great post, serves us as reminder to those that understand it.
  10. Price Physics Trend Following, Pairs Trading Arbitrage, Statistical Arbitrage.

    There's 3 for the op to research for 5 years. They all work on every symbol.
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