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    Have you ever TRADED IN YOUR SLEEP?
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  2. When I first started trading, I was sleeping and kept on yelling out "Half bid!, Half bid." My wife tried to get me to stop, but I wasn't listening. I then screamed, "Ok five eigths bid, five eigths bid for the fifty calls!" Again my wife poked me trying to get me to stop. Again I kept on yelling. Finally my wife figured out how to stop me. The next time I yelled out a bid, my wife yelled back, "Sold" I did not scream trading dreams again.
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    sometimes i'd play out strategies in my sleep
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    When your mind is wrapped up in something all day long, it's sometimes hard to turn it off and I dream about trading quite a bit, usually after I've spent all day and all night working on a strategy or something.

    You know how many people have dreams where things are going really bad and you have no control, usually in front of a group of strangers? I had a trading dream last night where I was rushing to get ready for the open and I wasn't ready when the bell went off. Then all my monitors were fuzzy and I couldn't read the charts, my squawk box wasn't working, I had used someone else's opening order spreadsheet and was in all these stocks that I didn't know and I was down $750 in the first minute. And there was someone there to watch me that day.

    True story, I swear. Luckily it wasn't a premonition.
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    This thread reminds me of a dream I had in 2000. Major crash occured and the Nasdaq was dropping like a rock. CNBC guys screaming when the Nasdaq went under 100. It was so volatile down there that you can barely see the numbers. As I was scrambling to put in a buy, I woke up.:p
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    lol!!!! that was funny :)
  7. Discipline, that cracks me up...

    I've only been trading for a few months, but trading has just recently entered my dreams on a nightly basis. I wake up with strange abstractions of strategies in mind, but haven't yet been able to get them on paper before they're gone. I would love to remember one and harness it though, to see if it's just ridiculous dream logic, or a real idea. It always feels like I was on to something incredible...
  8. When I started trading, I would have this dream that I accidently had purchased this huge overnight position, and wasn't aware of it, so I would come in the morning and have my prop. firm supervisor yell at me (I had this dream like 5-6 times)

    2 years later I started regularly (at least once every other month) getting this new dream that I'm short 20-30000 shares of some stock premarket and it's getting halted and opens 10 points lower

    any Zigmunds out there can tell me what this might mean?
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  10. Never: I always "dream" my strategies awake :D
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