have you ever traded drunk?

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  1. if so.... do tell?

    Personally I haven't. Too early in the morning... However I must say I have traded hung over :)
  2. yesss...i have...hic...
  3. Nope, but I've traded high on buds. When I traded high on buds the first day ever, I made $5000 when my previous best was a single day of $2600... it was awesome, what I did differently was when I got into a scalp position and it was going my way, I wasn't panicking out of shares but breathing easy and sitting back and waiting for a little more of a move through the first shakeout before getting out. This was last August, when the market was volatile. I was so happy that I got piss drunk that day. I had taken 3 good rips from a bowl that day. The next day, hungover and exhausted from partying the night before, I decided that if taking 3 rips made me $5000, maybe smoking an entire blunt to the face would make me $10,000. Sadly I was mistaken. I was retarded that day... I remember the leader of the LLC group I was in called me aside and told me "I can't have you coming in high like this, look at your fucking eyes," I said "hey it's my business and I'll do what I feel I need to do to run it most efficiently..." hah... I blew half the prior days gains before cutting myself off. T'was my second biggest loser day ever. Since then I tried trading high and found the same thing - when it worked it worked great, but I would have these off days where my results would be unpredictable and I Just couldn't see setups.

    A year later and I'm 10 times the trader I ever was back then, I'm consistent now and I've had many many 2k+ days and a few 3k+ days, but I still haven't touched my trading performance on the first day I traded stoned.
  4. uhmmmmm what are "buds"???
  5. [​IMG]

    Those, my friend, are buds.
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    Agree 100%. In my experience, a nice, gentle stone quiets all that mental chatter and what if thinking that can shake me out of a trade...


  7. :) White widow, high THC content, makes high frequency scalping seem like long term investing...if you know what i mean.
  8. bunch of pot-heads!

    :mad: :mad:
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    im with ya'll on the buds. i usually come home around 1, and the past week i've been trading the DAX, euro, and crude from 3est-530est in the morning. everything just... works. in my mind, i've made the crazy DAX tame.
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