Have you ever switched brokers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by c_323_h, Dec 6, 2005.

Have you ever switch brokers? Have you ever consistently lost money?

  1. Yes I've switched, Yes, I've lost money consistently

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  2. Yes I've switched, No, I haven't lost money consistently

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  3. No, I haven't switched. Yes, I've consistently lost money.

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  4. No, I haven't switched, No, I haven't lost money consistently.

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  1. c_323_h


    Just curious to know. Feel free to make any comments.
  2. Why do you think there is a correlation between switching brokers and making money?
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  4. Surdo


    If it ain't 'broke why fix it?
  5. bellman


    I will be switching soon... nothing terribly wrong with my current broker except for they only have flat rate commission and i need per share commission and cheap, cheap commissions for my style of trading. So far I've lost 2% of my funds to the market, so i'm not even trading at all right now until i a) figure things out and b) switch brokers.
  6. I,ve had 8 different accounts
  7. ktm


    Same question here.
  8. c_323_h


    I'd thought there would be a correllation between switching brokers and LOSING money...If investors thought that brokers were somehow contributing to there losses...besides commission.
  9. well, maybe he wants to know about those who switch because their old broker didn't offer good tools, which the trader may have felt cost them their losses (?).

    I'm switching right now. Don't loose money (much); I just want an upgrade.

    Started at Scottrade, switched to E*Trade, going to speedtrader

  10. c_323_h


    Hi SwingOut, if you were making money would you still switch?
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