Have you ever introduced yourself as an speculaor?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, May 14, 2008.

  1. In social reunions?

    How people reacted?
  2. Yes, I have. Told 2 people. One was interested in learning more about it, and the 2nd person attempted to stab me. So luke warm I'd say.
  3. Gentlemen of Leisure
  4. most people react with "thats gambling right?!". The educated ones respond with a sense of admiration. Its a tough profession, most don't make it and they understand that.

    I just tell people im a day trader. if I have to go into more detail about short term futures trading, they just look lost.

    I have had people look at me in disgust. I don't mind, they just don't know how to profit from the free markets.
  5. Even worse, never show chicks your trading terminal/station...........:cool:
  6. Can you give us more info. on this? how'd they react and why?


  7. Well l tend to present myself to people, and women in particular as being a layabout good for nothing character, but once revealed they tend to expect some form of maturity and responsibilty....
  8. Just make sure your screens background pic is of some sickly hot slut with very little clothes on. You'll keep your rep I'm sure :D

  9. I just say day trader. If that gets a blank look I tell them I do financial investments. :)
  10. LOL, yes but I've never actually used the word "speculator." I just tell them I'm a trader and I get that "Look." You know, the kind of look where they don't know what to say next. I typically change the subject real quick or it gets pretty uncomfortable. After a few reactions like that I now say I'm in the "investment" field. Once you use the word investment rather than trading you're good to go. Now you'll get 20 questions.

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