Have you ever heard about PFG?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nik1033, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Any comments of the strategy they use???
  2. Perregrine Financial?

    Umm... the guys with the trading platform... name doesn't come out....

    As a broker, they are legitimate... they sell service not churn... don't know about the rates though.

    It depends on the type of account but I recall their service to be pretty stable, fee's comparatively average.

    Also, the system guys there are under contract with some system vendor. It's a pretty famous one but I can't come with they're name too. Anyways, the brokers there don't know anything about systems.

    Some of the brokers are very "knowledgable" but they can't trade. Lots of candlestick traders... Umm... what else have I heard about them...

    The main office is in the Chicago Loop...

    The sales manager's name is Clay Jones, used to live in Cali...

    The owner or the president wrote that black Futures for Dummies book... Oh.. the "All About Futures" book. They also publish some little magazine... I think it was something like LFO...

    Umm... legitimate service but as with any other broker, do your own trades, if you need some help trading, get it from a 3rd party service like tradingmarkets.com....
  3. PFG Direct!!!

    I remember now!!!
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    Thank you very much!!!
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    Thank you very much!!!