Have you ever been hit by a car?

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  1. 2 days back I was hit by a car. No injuries to me but the car was destroyed. Have you ever been hit by a car or vehicle?

    I believe every person in this world will be involved in a vehicle accident someday. Majority accidents will be minor but some will be serious.
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    I was reading the Almanac when I was a teenager once. It listed how many people were maimed and killed in cars per year. I extrapolated that a person in the USA in 1960 had a lifetime fifty percent chance of dying or being permanently disabled by a car accident!! I went in cars a lot less after that, and I adopted the seat belt thingy WAY before they mandated it... and my dad invested heavily in the Medical Care sector, I'm still reaping the benefits of that little work with the Almanac.

    I still nearly got a broken neck in a car accident, jeez... Horses were even more dangerous though, not to mention the fly problems...
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  4. Bearice got angry and destroyed the car. The car was not destroyed on impact with me.

    Bad things happen when I am angry and I am seriously angry for past 1 month because of useless people.
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    I got hit by three cars yesterday, all three of them were destroyed, not just one, thus bearice has once again been proven to be lame.
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  7. Nobody can survive a direct hit from Bearice. Bearice hits powerful than car hits.

    When I was young and strong I used to destroy battle tanks (60 tons+).
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, and I'm glad you're okay.

    That aside, only 2 days ago? I suppose I just assumed it happened prior to January 14, 2010 at 5:26 AM, and that you weren't wearing a helmet.
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