Have you done 10,000 hours?

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    WSJ today reviews Malcolm Gladwell and his new book "Outliers".

    He's quoted as saying that in his studies of experts in a variety of fields, concentrated study of at least 10,000 hours is required to begin to gain mastery.

    Something to keep in mind as your trading progresses.
  2. I've probably studied porn for 10,000 hours. Does that make me a master of it?
  3. 7 years full time (about 1600 hours/year), so roughly 11,000 hours. No wonder last year was such a success, LOL ;)
  4. very much true,
    I was very early in another industry, studing it from age 14, took about 5 years until i made money in it at age 19-20

    Often came home from school, worked on it on and off till midnight or 2.
    Solid 7 hours a day experience, 7 days a week.
    Was an expert in the game by the age 20.
    Could spot an opportunity from a mile away and managed a team to exploit it.

    (not investing...)

    I always remembered in high school, while all the other kids were still shooting spit balls through straws or just plain ol fking around.
    was in business baby making cash over finger, Some people are way too late for everything.
  5. i'm nearing 8000 hours of trading
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    no, but it makes you tired and your palm hairy. :D
  7. Having only maybe 3-4 year of full time investing experience (since the start of my ET registration which is January 2005) , which amounts to 9000 hours , Was complete in the long term investing thing, didn't lose a dime in this overall crash, up 10-15%

    Not great, but In my mind, This is just the start. Who knows what opportunities will be avaliable now with the accrued experience.

    Game time!


    Everybody I talk to has lost money in the markets, and a lot as well. even my own parents lol , who knows what they are doing. Its good to be an experienced professional.

    To look around and see blood on the streets while being unharmed, is one terrific position to be in :D
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    Thanks for the heads up. I will probably read this book. There is an interview with him here, on his website:


    BTW My math suggests 10,000 hours is 5 years of 5 day work weeks, 8 hours a day. I look back on my life and can see mastery after that length of time.

    This encourages me about futures trading!

    I have about 4.5 years to go!
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    An aspect of 10,000 hours involvement that I have lived :mad: is making EVERY mistake in the book... NOW when I encounter certain situations, well, I already know all the WRONG ways to approach, that leaves the CORRECT way to approach.

    Practice makes perfect.

  10. Yes, it makes you a master bater.
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