Have you Consented to be an Organ Donor?

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Have you Consented to be an Organ Donor?

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  1. ?
  2. BSAM


    I have a guitar. Would this suffice?
  3. No but I plan to.Keep putting it off.Feels weird thinking about being chopped up and my parts being given to others

    All you have to do is check a box when getting your drivers license renewed right ?

    Can I request that my organs only go to a democrat ? :D
  4. yes, but it may depend on a state.

    i wonder if they ever do a transplant without matching the skin color of the donor and recipient
  5. If I had to take a black or hispanic kidney to live I would.I wonder if artful dodger would :confused:
  6. There's a far higher chance (almost certain) that your body would reject it, depending on the organ. In most cases, the chances for success in an interracial organ donation are so myopic that it's rarely attempted; it's generally considered a waste of an organ. This varies from organ to organ, and there are some exceptions. However, interracial organs are generally not compatible and are rejected, the DNA is identified as a foreign body by your system. There have been attempts to argue that race can have nothing to do with organ compatibility because race doesn't exist, and can therefore have no effect. I guess it's because of those "social construct" racial differences, which even apply on the molecular level.... Pervasive things, these social constructs... Whod've thought? Even molecules are "racist"...

    "Matching donor organs to potential recipients requires genetic similarity. Generally, people are genetically more similar to people of their own ethnicity or race than to people of other races. Therefore, matches are more likely and more timely, when donors and potential recipients are members of the same ethnic background."


  7. judging by his answer he would not.

    i bet his main worry is not the possibility of the rejection, but the possibility of his, let's say, transplanted black hand starting to scribble anti-white trash sentences.
  8. Eight


    I donate, the hospital charges tens of thousands, my heirs get nothing?

    My organs make me worth a lot dead?

    I donate freely but the hospital will give the organs to those with the ability to pay?

    People have awoken to find that their organs are being harvested? How many died because their organs were being harvested that nobody reported?
  9. You guys know that they start harvesting your organs right before or a few seconds after your heart stops beating right? Basically, you are still alive when they start harvesting your organs.

    They do this because if they wait 30 minutes or so after you died, then the organs are worthless.

    So no...im not an organ donor. I dont want some surgeon with an itchy trigger finger ready to cut me open a few seconds before HE THINKS i'm going to die.
  10. Lucrum


    You should at least donate your brain. You're obviously not using it anyway.
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