Have you come to grips with it yet???

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Have you come to grips with the fact the US Empire is collapsing as we speak?

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  4. F off negative guy ignorance is bliss

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  1. The US Empire is collapsing.

    Have you come to grips with this yet?

    Or are you still believing the Wall Street touts, shills, and liars. The dumb, ignorant, and those that can't handle the truth.

    Have you faced this reality yet?
  2. The US empire officially ended on January 20, 2001.
  3. The United States is finished and will be a 3rd World Country in 5 years. I think housing could fall another 50 percent as people lose jobs in masses. The number of layoffs coming is going to be the worst ever in our history. 20 percent unemployment is possible. Right now, the real rate is 12%. All of those people on their laptops at Starbucks are considered employed since they call themselves consultants.

  4. WallStreet firms are looking for USA students for one reason, cheap labor. Since they continue to fill opening with cheap foreigners, The only way to continue to cut cost, and be politically correct, is by continue to hire inexperienced entry level students. This is good for our students but when overdone, bad for the experienced workforce and production quality of our country is known for.

    This continues to move to move our economy to production quality of a third-world country where led in our children's toys will not be a big deal anymore.

    Yesterday I was at my large company financial job. I went to the small kitchen and there were 13 indians (yes, I counted them). they all were speaking their language. If you walk around the floor, and do not look outside the window, you think you are in India.

    I have an idea to stimulate the economy, hire only employees that have interest in our country and spend most of their moeny here. Cut down H1 imports and outsoucing....
  5. The immigration problem is being solved as immigrants soon find they can make a higher real wage and have a better standard of living in their own countries.
  6. I don't believe "5 years" is accurate.. more like 25-50 years... but unless there are MAJOR changes in how bidness is done in the USA, the concept is correct.
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    throught history every major power becomes corrupt and fails,we are just watching human nature take it's course.
  8. Amazing, isn't it? We're intelligent enough to land a spacecraft on an asteroid after a 3 billion mile journey, but not intelligent enough to save us from ourselves.:(
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    I couldnt disagree more. Every time a bubble pops it is the end of the country. Recession of 1990, internet bubble 2001, the early 80's with 17% interest rates etc..

    We have an issue with credit and housing now. It grew at an unsastainable rate and it is now correcting. On industry, one sector, although i would admit a very large and important sector.

    We may not be the fastest growing or the only economic superpower in 5-10 years, but defintely in the top 3. If you are an internation company and have a product or you are a manufacturer and dont do business in the US, you are not doing very well.

    Industries doing well and not effected by this housing meltdown in the go ol' US of A:

    Internet infrastructure
    Military defense
    alternative energy
    farming livestock (natural)
    wireless internet industry.

    etc.. etc.. the list goes on.

    Actually in Florida we have for the first time in 2 years had 3 months of consecutive rises in home prices in several cities....

    Somebody is making money somewhere.

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    Face it, America is not a real country. Think of Germany, Japan, China. They are, for the most part, one people. The old American mantra "our diversity is our strenght" is horsefeathers. I live in NJ, and know quite a few people of different ethnicities. A remarkable amount only want their children to marry others of their nationality, have all their friends from the same nationality, etc. These people want all the advantages of living here, but really don't want to contribute by actually integrating themselves into our society.

    Look at the thieving pirates on Wall St. They are playing the "Enron Electricity" in the energy futures markets. They have been recently deregulated, and now trade energy back and forth artificially driving the price higher. They make lots of money, so they can afford higher prices. But they don't seem to give a shit about the rest of the country. The old mantra "Out of many One" is bullshit, should read "Out of many - Nothing"

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