Have you been trading profitably for more than a year?

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Have you been trading profitably for more than a year?

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  1. Buy1Sell2


    I believe we have made headway--He has admitted unrealized losses. That's step one.
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  2. weld1


    who cares who is lying and who is not. i hope we all make money some day and enjoy it to the max. ya gotta love the game,but u need to make money also.take a survey to see who needs some help and positive feedback. i'll tell u guys i've lost more money than i should have trading the last 5 yrs. last year i traded twice for 2 wks each time while not working, and although i lost a little i think i'm trading better. maybe one day i can be on the good side of one of these surveys.
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  3. Si Senor.
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  4. Buy1Sell2


    What I will be requiring here is real time posting of future trades ie entries and exits. I would ask that we see the next 25 in a row be profitable after commissions and fees. Certainly, I would think that if there are 79 in a row now, that roughly one third of that would be an easy target to hit for our verification purposes. Until that time, I will be disregarding the claims that have been made here. (For one, if there are unrealized losses, how many of those are there and will they really be all in a row as well when liquidated). Friendly challenge here
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  5. Buy1Sell2


    We'll need to see the realtime posting here.
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  6. Buy1Sell2


    They were historical though and not realtime. We'll need to see them posted here in realtime without reference to your website. I would imagine, and perhaps the moderator can confirm, that the reference to the website is objectionable and not within guidelines.
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  7. From the chart posted here, one can accurately develop their own picture of MrMarket's trading. According to my excel spreadsheet (and again using 100 share size trades), Mr. market purchased $293,005 USD worth of equities (during his 78 consecutive winning trades). He sold these equities for $341,251 USD. The resulting profits from these trades totaled: $48,246 USD. He accrued these profits over the course of 4 years and one month of trading (01-08-2002 until present). All the while, he still carries an unrealized loss of $15,938 USD (I incorrectly added up the numbers in my post to this thread).

    From the other thread:

    Again, I only used a 100 share size position for the above calculations.

    Interestingly, It appears Mr. Market trades fewer shares than pounds he claims to bench press.

    - Spydertrader
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  8. T-REX


    For all of the new commers here to ET welcome.:)

    The reason that many of us "Old Heads" have not posted is because we are busy with our investments etc. Many of us came here back in the day with our arrogance with boastings and laughing and name calling and flaming etc. etc. etc. Most of us have moved on to bigger and better things. Some are still here at ET lurking every so often.

    Life events,

    As for me I have been through a very tremendous trial. I lost my 3 yr old son who died while impatient at a local hospital. He went in for the flu and dehidration and underwent 24 hrs of I.V. therapy. He was fine and back to his usual self then all of a sudden 24hrs before he was to be discharged from the hospital he died suddenly without explanation and without warning. The Hospital has coverd up the incident and we are still fighting them on the missed diagnosis and the misplacement of his medical records.

    All that to say it has been overwhelming for me and my family. I don't know how to put it but like this:

    I have been out of the market since then and I have since redirected my life and trying to perservere through this providence. You can't trade under these circumstances. Yes I do miss the market but not as much as I miss my son.

    I have since shut down my entire trading operation. I stopped circulating my newsletter, I went off of the Air so I'm no longer on the radio doing the market show. I no longer hold seminars. I no longer manage money for other people. I did not blow up. However, I was profitable up until the day my little boy died. I just can't get it together to get back into the market right now. I do watch the market and I have kept my system up to date. I have watched the markets move without me.

    The good news is that my system is still working just as it always did. And NO it is NOT for sale.:D

    Just like the old saying goes:

    "If you have a good, or great or near perfect system....you don't sell it, instead you keep it to yourself".

    PS I really do miss you guys especially the ones that I use to fight with.:) Anyway ET seems to have cleaned up alot and it was for the best.

    Good luck to all

    These were the good old days.

    2 Bar Charlie Live Demo

    Scalping 101

    E.T. Track Record:
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  9. I voted a big fat "NO!"
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  10. T-REX



    Glad to see that your still up and running. Congratulations on the website. I like it. Keep us the good work.
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