Have you been to a Graveyard?

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  1. Today I visited a graveyard after 20 years. Previously I had gone to Graveyard 20 years ago and there was a cross on every grave. Now the graves are covered stone slabs and no cross.

    There was a Dog in the Graveyard and he was friendly with me. why?. Never seen this dog.
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    If you go back for another visit do us all a favour, and jump into the first empty grave and start shoveling dirt onto yourself.
  3. I have dug up/created 1 Billion graves worldwide for useless people.

    Today I had gone to the Graveyard for a good and noble cause/reason.
  4. Slept in a graveyard once. Kinda peaceful, once one gets over the heebie jeebies.
    Just don't take stoner friends with a Ouija board.
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    And how did this make you feel?
  6. Now I will Rest in Peace.
  7. acronym, you are brave and strong. But I would say spending a night alone in forest or remote mountains is more terrifying and dangerous.

    I have camped alone in remote mountains close to Himalayas (freezing cold).

    I have been camping alone in forests. When there is complete darkness you will start visualising wild animals and here many noises. But there are no animals and the source of noises is unknown.

    In graveyard there is no fear of wild animals. I agree souls also scare people.
  8. No, you have not, silly boy.

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    I saw Bearice dig those billion graves... the dog tried to help but he could only dig part of one by the time Bearice finished. Bearice is Chuck Norris.
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