have you been irradiated by this nuclear experiment ?

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  1. http://www.cleanupge.org/gemisdeeds.html

    GE has a lengthy record of criminal, civil, political and ethical transgressions. Here are a few examples:

    In 1995 -- with the establishment of a Presidential Advisory Commission -- the full extent of GE's human experiments with nuclear radiation were revealed. General Electric ran the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Washington as part of America's weapons program; beginning in 1949, General Electric deliberately released radioactive material to see how far downwind the radioactive material would travel. One cloud drifted four hundred miles, all the way down to the California-Oregon border, carrying perhaps thousands of times more radiation than that emitted at Three Mile Island.


    Subsidiary question: how can you trust the gov after such kind of act knowing that for one discovered numerous are undiscovered ?