Have you been able to use Vantagepoint profitably?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GuruTrader, May 27, 2010.

  1. hello,

    i have been struggling a lot with Vantagepoint intermarket analysis software have anybody been able to use profitably? and if so what is your system been?
  2. NumLock


    your name is gurutrader

    Hey I am willing to follow you and have YOU teach ME :p

    That name is more stupid than NumLock of the freakin keyboard.

    Vantage point is a lead boat. Try to keep up with slang.
  3. LOL

    a name is just a name, i have been fascinated about this software all along especially after having read about intermarket analysis a while ago, but once i got to use it it.........

    You know the rest, i was wondering if you can do something useful with it :)


  4. Everyone struggles with it. Do a search here and on the web, and you will see the unhappiness.
  5. clacy


    As previous poster says, do a google search. Every review I read on this software was horrible. It has to be a big time scam, as most software claims are.