Have you been able to make money with AHG

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Can you make money with AHG???

  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  1. Simple yes or no. Either you are making money with it consistently or you are not.
  2. If you're wondering whether you should study it, I recommend do not. Discover your own strategy, you will learn more and a lot quicker
  3. These words are extremely powerful.

    You will get plenty of ideas from ET if you have the patience to sift through all of the BS. But you need to develop your own strat based on your own personality.

    Conversely, I tried reading through the AHG thread months ago, but didn't have the patience. I'm not saying there is not any validity to it. Just wasn't for me.

    Sorry. Kind of off topic, but my answer is no, although I never had any real reason to try it.
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    What is AHG?