Have top notch bodybuilding, dieting, nutrition, even steroid related PDFs will trade

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    Hey guys,

    I've got a vast library of some very top notch, and very hard to find PDF's on Bodybuilding, getting into contest shape, training, nutrition, etc., and even some very top notch underground steroid/growth hormone/diuretics, etc., PDF's written I'll trade for some PDF's/ebooks on trading.

    NO, I do NOT advocate using banned substances. However, if a person is serious, has reached a plateau with their natural hormones, at least the PDF's I have give sane advice instead of some crap you'll read on "bodybuilding" boards.

    I was once an NPC Bodybuilder competing for an IFBB card, and went through what seems like a sea of materials, and narrowed it down to approximately 40-50 books based on what actually works. Oh yes, just like trading, I'd say 95% of the trading "gurus" you need to run from, while the remaining 5% are a select few that make sense. It took years to narrow it down to what works based on my interactions with guys who stepped on stage and got paid for it (IFBB Pro's), as well as Professional Nutritionists. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years learning what works and what does not. It was a great journey, and I really enjoyed being called a "freak" when out in public. Lol

    I'm about to leave the office, and will post titles this evening.

    Shoot me a pm, and we'll go from there.
  2. can you post a pic while you were in top shape?
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    Since I am a licensed broker and RIA, I'd rather not post my pic since I don't want my Clients knowing I used to use some "supplements." PLUS, all bodybuilders who "supplement" are commiting felonies since the stuff bought is CIII. Sad, but true. America, the Country of no common sense, I know.

    Maybe I can blur my face in the pics. I'll try.
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    If I post one, no gay jokes sun shine killer!:D

    I am married to a pretty female which may be why I am poor(er):( :D
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    Can you post some pictures of her instead?:D
  6. i will trade you for this holy grail "secret":

    "Real Money Machine"

    …turning $10,000 into $14.091 Million with 84.4% Accuracy and 150.3% Average Annualized Profit Per Trade
  7. LEAPup


    Titles, and they are not in order, and are NOT in order of "greatest."

    1. Alwyn Crosgrove "Strength and conditioning interrogations."
    2. Bill Phillips "Body for life."
    3. Brooks Kubik "The dinosaur strength training notebook."
    4. L Rea "Building the perfect beast."
    5. "Fat burner secrets revealed."
    6. Charles Atlas "Ten steps to a better body."
    7. Charles Poliquin "The poliquin principles."
    8. Charles Stanley "The un natural athlete."
    9. Chemical Wizardry "Anabolic steroids for bodybuilding."
    10. Dan Duchaine "Undergound Bodyopus."
    11. Dan Duchaine "Underground Bodyopus 2."
    12. "Dan Duchaine's dirty dieting newsletter."
    13. David Kirsch "The ultimate New York Body."
    14. Jason Ferruggio "101 greatest exercises for size."
    15. Lyle Mcdonald "Guide to flexible dieting."
    16. Lyle Mcdonald "Bromocriptine."
    17. Lyle Mcdonald "The ketogenic diet."
    18. Lyle Mcdonald "The ultimate fat loss handbook."
    19. Lyle Mcdonald "The ultimate diet 2."
    20. Dr. Pisqale "Anabolic trouble shooter."
    21. Dr. Pisqale "The anabolic diet."
    22. Nelson Montana "Bottom line bodybuilding."
    23. Optimum anabolics "Steroid sized muscles through natural programming."
    24. Ore Hofmelder "Max muscle minimum fat."
    25. Pavel Tsatsouline "Beyond bodybuilding."
    26. Pavel Tsatsouline "Bullet proof abs."
    27. Pavel Tsatsouline "Relax into stretch."
    28. Pete Sisco "Train Smart."
    29. Stuart Mcrobert "Beyond Brawn."
    30. Stuart Mcrobert "Weight training techniques."
    31. Stuart Mcrobert "Why conventional bodybuilding methods suck."
    32. "The fat burning bible."
    33. Tom Venuto "Bodybuilding big fat lies."
    34. Tom Venuto "Burn the fat free the muscle."
    35. Tom Venuto "Foods that burn fat."
    36. Tom Venuto "The A food B food lecture. How to get good grades on your food."
    37. Underground mass secrets
    38. Will Brink "Muscle building nutrition."
    39. Will Brink "Diet supplements revealed."
    40. Vince Gironda "Training secrets."
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    I have about 400 ebooks on trading, but unfortunatelly I don't care for body building books.

    What else do you have??? :) (and keep in mind, I do know how to use the net)
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    Ok, here's a thread in the TRADING section called "how to get your testosterone high." http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...9&highlight=how+to+get+your+testosterone+high

    What does that have to do with trading? Since a high testosterone level and bodybuilding go hand in hand, that thread and mine would be correlated.

    Would you like some cheese with your whine dipshit?
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