Have to hand it to Finnerman...

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    ...she was negative on LEH all year long.

    Every time it would rally in the spring, she would say that she shorted some more. She never wavered and if you read between the lines, she knew it was going to zero.

    This probably evens up her absolutely shitty bullish CROX call all the way down to the teens.
  2. TT1


    She is completely worthless on Fast Money. She adds no value to that show. She can't even put two or three coherent sentences together that makes any sense at all. Ratagan looks to her and all she can do is mumble, and shrug her shoulders!
  3. She knows her shit.
  4. from CXO (not sure to the accuracy of this site regarding the "Guru's")


    She is horrible.
    Another reason to repeal the 19th amendment.
  5. She's "value". No one in "value" did very much. Because all the covenants were thrown out the window.

    No matter what anyone says , TA is 'put your money where your mouth is' and a combination of TA and fundies is hard to beat. However given a choice of on or the tuther, TA.

    I don't care what you know, someone knows more, and the only way to spot it is the chart.
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    I never said i liked her...all I was doing was giving her "props" for this LEH call ONLY.
  7. Yea shes horrible. They went out and found the worst traders ever and gave them a tv show.
  8. She's got better hair than that Terranova guy.

    What the fuck is up with that Eddie Munster look????:confused:
  9. They'll probably repeal them all, eventually... all but the 16th, of course.
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    She is worth roughly $100 million and co-runs a $400 million hedge fund which grew from $4 million over 15 years. How can she be called a bad trader? Maybe she doesn't give her actual advice on Fast Money. Alot of her calls on the show seem to be "early" at best.

    Frankly the most entertaining person on Fast Money is Jeff Macke -- he always seems angry when he speaks.
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