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    Hi everyone

    I have been interested in the markets and technical trading for 6 years now and after trying many automated systems have found most of them don't survive all market conditions so have returned to manual trading.
    I have a system which has proved stable and doesn't rely on indicators it made me 40% in a couple of weeks and seems to be robust in all market conditions.
    This is a unique system which I devised myself.
    I believe it has great potential, however my biggest issue is that of capital, for example if I invest $1000, 40% of that is not a great deal, however if a larger company or fund would be interested in me trading an account for them I could leverage the effect of this system, we could split the profit between us, I would require at least a 50% share which we can discuss.
    Alternatively I may be prepared to work for a fund trading this system and it will work across all markets.
    I have account statements available as proof. Please Private message (PM) me if you are a serious investor only, providing proof of identity / capital and or your fund.
    I am based in the UK, mother tongue is English but am also fluent in French as lived in Monaco for a while where I learnt about private investment.

    Thanks in advance, hoping for a profitable arrangement for both of us. I have shown my open trades today below to prove I am not an amateur
  2. I am not trying to bash or anything, but your system is profitable only for a few weeks?

    And your proof is only a few trades?

    You are going to need well more than that for anyone to cooperate with you...
  3. what happens to your system if you want to drop in lets say 100k or 1mil of capital at once? does it still work? if it doesnt, dont even bother approaching funds or serious firms.
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    Hi guys thanks for your feedback, I only discovered the system late last year but from testing and the principles it operates on I know it will remain robust, and I have put a lot of time into finding such a system. Regarding the question if it could take larger positions such as $100k, $1m, yes that would be no problem especially in Forex markets.
  5. With respect I don't think you'll get anything approaching the deal you want...

    You have an unproven system, you are an unproven trader. No-one in their right mind is going to split profits with you 50/50...

    If you took your system to the top hedge funds they'd go through it with a fine tooth comb, pull it apart from all angles (and of course for them to do that you'd have to divulge the basis of your system)...

    After all that, if they liked it... you'd be lucky to get a 15% split of profits.
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    Well if a fund or private investor isn't interested in the kind of gains I have made with this system that's their loss.. I thought I would try this approach but maybe I just should start with a small investment and be patient. It's a shame as with a good sum of money invested it would grow so much quicker. I can understand everyone's doubts but I have lived and breathed the markets for over 6 years so this system didn't come about overnight. Cheers
  7. Just to illustrate the point... I had a couple of meetings with Golman Sach's prime brokerage unit last year and they made it very clear that it was difficult to attract outside investment from serious investors even with an excellent live trading trackrecord on say $5m USD...

    The market for funds was being dominated by the very big hedge fund guys. And investors wouldn't take anyone seriously with sub $25-50m...

    They gave us examples of guys who were making excellent returns on a couple of million bucks who simply couldn't get further money.

    Also, just to illustrate a point... until you've been through that process it's hard to understand how much due diligence hedge fund investors do. The returns of your strategy are simply one of a very large number of factors they consider. Right down to questioning your history, background, trading psychology, how you would react in various sitautions, how you would work with various members of the team, your knowledge of the operational aspects of your business etc..etc...

    Your strategy is manual... so it's hard to even produce backtest results. If not impossible. So any investor would take anything outside of actual results with a pinch of salt.

    Truly... good returns are just a tiny piece of the puzzle. Stick to trading your own money... build up a solid track record... get some friends to invest... etc..etc..
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    Thanks for the advice guys, its frustrating to know the potential of the system and not to be able to trade it with as much money as possible
  9. Leeb, your best bet is to try attract capital from people you know (friends and family). Go approach each and everyone you know. Explain risks and potential rewards to them and get them to agree to a e.g. 1 year lock up of their capital. If you don't disappoint them you can garner capital via mouth to mouth propaganda that way over the years. It's a slow and painful process but there is no way around this unless you have been a star trader at GS before.
  10. profitables strategies are all over the place

    check out www.wealth-lab.com. There are some free automated systems on that website who make 1000's of % of return per year.
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