Have the skills, but lost and all alone.

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  1. I have been programming C++/C# on and off for the past few years, and recently got into trading.

    I just really need pointed in the right direction right now.

    I hear about tradestation, I hear things about Wealth-Lab, but if I use wealth-lab I have to figure out a broker, and then how to connect to that broker and use data from the broker and from another source. It just sounds so confusing.

    What is the easiest way for me to set-up within a few weeks, and get to programming my strategy, testing it, and trading it without having to buy extra services from data feeds and such.

    I don't mind learning more, but I'd just like to see if this is for me.

    I know it won't be easy, but I am just having a lot of trouble understanding how everything connects together.

    I currently have Ameritrade as my broker so I guess I have to drop them. But then what broker should I go to?

    Just needing a kick in the right direction to get started, then I can start understanding what is going on and how everything works.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tradestation
  3. Tradestation just seems kinda bad because everyone seems to have problems with it, like losing connection.

    But it might be good for me, who knows? I guess i'd have to try to find out.

    What are the other best alternatives if any?

  4. i dont use tradestation anymore but you have to understand that some people on this site would bitch no matter who the broker was. for a beginner wanting to program tradestation is the easiest inho.
  5. Alright, thanks for the help... I'll check it out.

    Thanks again.
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    tradestation is a decent start, i do not trade through them though. but connection for Globex regarding data works quite well & stable. note that you can always automate TradeStation strategy with addons on many broker platforms. TradeBolt & DynaOrder come to mind...

    good weekend,
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    Tradestation 2000i (an old version but still available outside the US). You can connect to other data suppliers.

    Automating the trading itself as a newbie is asking for trouble, you might as well tear up the notes and throw the pieces down the toilet. You will first have to learn to stand before you can walk and eventually run with the professionals. Expect it to take 5 - 10 years before you get there.

  8. Well I'm willing to work that long, I'm fully aware of the risks and rewards. I never said I want to go out and automate trading right now and make millions. I'm smart.

    Please don't assume all newbies are idiots (I will admit some are)

    I am only 18 you know? That is why I asked where I should go to learn stuff now so I can be successful later.
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    I was a professional programmer in a prior lifetime, but I am self-taught in PC programming. I have used VBasic, C++, and Delphi/Pascal, but I know Delphi best.

    I looked at Tradestation years ago and decided against it because of the steep learning curve, but perhaps more so because I find it somewhat limiting (as powerful as it is). What I don't like about canned software like TS is that I find myself thinking in terms of what the software does well, rather than thinking about how markets really work and where the opportunity lies. I doubt that I could implement my current best system in TS.

    I write my own testing and trading software, mostly in Delphi, and trade via IB. I also use TC2000 and CSI for end-of-day data. The interface was not too hard to learn, but it took me a while to find trading system that meets my needs.

    If you're a good enough programmer, you're probably better off doing your own software from scratch. Tradestation, WealthLab, and AmiBroker are all good for non-programmers.
  10. Problem is, I never attempted network programming.

    I was more focused on Direct X and such.

    Although I might be able to learn it, it will just take some time. That is why I'm here now to try and discover where I should go with my learning to be as good as I can in the markets.

    But that is an interesting idea... programming my own platform. Sounds very time consuming though and I'm already doing day-trading as a career, but I should find time.

    Thanks for the help though.
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