Have the "rich" been enslaved by the poor?

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    Democracy is basically a system of slavery.

    Each year you are given a choice of being thrown in jail, or handing over a portion of income as tax, thus being forced into involuntary work for complete strangers. Forcibly conscripted and stolen labour is equivalent to slavery.

    You are forced to be a citizen of a country and submit to its laws, no matter how arbitrary, without ever having agreed to do so. You can be enslaved to fight an arbitrary war, thus having to kill innocent people, or possibly a dangerous one, thus experiencing mandatory suicide. Or you can be forced into temporary chattel slavery when your government wants to prosecute a trial and orders you to jury service.

    In addition, you are prohibited from travelling around the world unless you submit to carrying a passport and thus being tagged like a dog. A wild animal has more freedom of movement than a human being.

    We're all enslaved in one way or another.
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