Have the "rich" been enslaved by the poor?

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  1. but now the "iraqi people" are free and liberated, and the world is a better, happier place. it was worth the 2k out of each taxpayer's pocket, and whatever else in future interest and currency inflation. look at the joy on their faces, the flowers they throw. as the administration said, the "american people" are ready and willing to sacrifice, no matter how much.

    also, don't forget that they had Rape Rooms (tm).
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  2. I have no problem as i stated earlier, paying for safety , protection and transportation....but now they want additional money to pay for something that should be a priority....I have no problem with the war in Iraq right now....you do ...we agree to disagree....but after Kayes report, i m so glad we did this.
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  3. In addition to rape rooms Madison, they have unearthed as many as 200k bodies.....now as you read the kay report, look at the evidence.....Close enough for me,,,,,,he was told to disarm and didn't...and if you disagree, fin. but for me it's scary to think of what he did do and where these weapons are

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    Cut an paste from ur article....Say it isnt sooooooooooo...

    "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Thursday it is too early to reach conclusions about whether there were unconventional weapons in Iraq before the U.S. invaded in March."
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  5. Did they find the missiles? No...Did saddam lie once again and continue to try and find ways to make these things? yes....did he conceal even after the final ultimatum? yes....so he got ousted....and they WILL find the missiles and the chemicals and im wondering if all these bashers are going to come back and say sorry? or will they say...iT WAS PLANTED
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  6. Really? And how large would your estate have to be before they dipped into that remaining 63K?

    Certainly large enough that the tax on that 63K would be inconsequential.

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  7. I haven't commented on the WMD thing in a long while.

    I supported going in.

    What I find amusing is all this focus on finding the WMD's.

    It is NOT even relevant.

    If I were president, and given the exact
    same situation, I would have chosen to go in
    knowing full well that there might not have been any WMD's.

    The point is, Saddam did an excellent job of making
    it LOOK like there we're WMD's.

    The UN resolutions were quite clear, and he
    was in direct, blatant violation of them
    for YEARS. Any rational person could come to
    the conclusions that:
    A) He was hiding stuff
    B) Has blatantly broke multiple resolutions for years,
    the last of which gave us the right to go in if he DID NOT COMPLY. Which he did not.

    End of story.

    I really don't care if we ever find them or not. We won the first war against him.
    We had a contract for winning the war.
    He broke the contract, and we enforced it



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    Funny that you say that...because I would have assumed he would use them to fight himself out of the hole he dug...finding them would at least give meaning to the slaughter somewhat...and if they find them ( and I don't mean find 1/2oz of rustoleum lead paint either ) ..IM talking about enough biological weapons to kill a city..then I will come back here and say I spoke to soon....but how long should we search and how much lives and money should we risk to find them?? and when all that is used up and we still haven't found shit ..you must then step up to the plate and tell us how it feels to be Bamboozled
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  9. your missing the point....how many times does the same money have to be taxed???? 15% flat tax......end of story...if you make 1 million, you pay 150k in taxes...if you make 20k you pay 3k....to bad....who is contributing more to the pot??? actaully Forbes plan called for no tax for 20k or less....im ok with that.
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  10. I agree with you in principal. But did we have to spend more than half a trillion dollars to defeat The Flinstones? (to loosely paraphrase Wm. Friedman in Time).

    And then have no "post victory" plan? This war was ill conceived. The overthrow of Saddam was justified. The way we went about it was shameful. There was no need to spend that kind of money, risk (and lose) so many lives, and end up in another quagmire.

    What now?

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